Stranded Guyanese having ‘issues’ with COVID-19 tests – Patterson

The CJIA was sanitised a few days ago (CJIA photo)

Most of the stranded Guyanese that are hopeful to depart Miami for Guyana aboard an Eastern Airlines flight, are facing a setback in their efforts to return home due to “issues” with their COVID-19 tests.

Caretaker Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson said while some of the passengers have been deemed ineligible, the Government will continue to facilitate the repatriation of the eligible persons.

“We don’t want anyone coming without the PCR test,” Patterson was quoted by DPI as saying today.

Patterson encouraged stranded Guyanese to continue to register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with Guyana’s embassies and consulates in the respective countries.

Other flights to bring home stranded citizens over the coming weeks will depart Barbados, Trinidad and Miami.

On May 22, the National COVID-19 Task Force (NCTF) approved the repatriation of nearly 300 Guyanese nationals. Each person is subjected to a list of strict guidelines

Under stringent instructions, the returning nationals will be subjected to a 7-day quarantine at their respective residences. None of the persons will be permitted to leave their homes during the 7 days except to seek emergency medical services.

The NCTF has extended the emergency measures from June 3 to June 17.