Stolen gun, ammo found at Soesdyke sandpit

The firearm and ammunition found

Ranks of the Guyana Police Force in collaboration with a private security officer conducted an intelligence-led operation on Friday that led to the discovery of a firearm and matching ammunition, which were stolen earlier this month.

The weapons were found at the Grant Sand Road area in Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara where several men were seen on the road leading to the sandpit. The ranks approached about 60 feet from where the men were; however, upon seeing the cops, they ran further into the abandoned sandpit and disappeared.

Nevertheless, the area was searched, and a 9mm Grand Power semi-automatic pistol with three (3) live rounds wrapped in a white plastic bag was retrieved.

The area was checked but the men were not seen.

According to the police, the records were checked and it was confirmed that the recovered firearm was reported stolen during a robbery with violence committed on a 27-year-old Security Guard of Sheriff Security Service on November 6 while he was on duty at Gulf Engineering Company at Land of Canaan, EBD.

The firearm and ammunition were lodged pending investigation.