Man escapes from Police leaving behind ganja & cocaine

The ganja, cocaine and other items found in the house

The police have launched a manhunt for a man who reportedly escaped from Police leaving behind 2239.2 grams of cannabis and 41.9 grams of cocaine in a house at Buck Hall, Essequibo Island.

The items were seized following an operation executed by the police after receiving information.

During a search on a wooden building, a plastic bag containing five other transparent bags was found with ganja terms. The ranks also found several Ziplock bags containing a hard rock-like substance suspected to be cocaine.

Further, a quantity of Bambo, empty Ziplock bags, three cellular phones, one GPS without battery, and one National Identification card (name withheld) were also found in the house.

The narcotics and items found were taken to the Parika Police Station. The cannabis when weighed, amounted to 2239.2 grams while the cocaine amounted to 41.9 grams.

Police are continuing their investigations.