$117M owed in traffic tickets’ payments

Overhead view of traffic on the East Bank of Demerara

…237 drivers fined $18M for drunk driving

Drivers in Guyana face a staggering bill of $117 million owed to the Guyana Police Force following a multitude of tickets issued for driving offences across the country.

This was revealed by Traffic Chief, Senior Superintendent Mahendra Singh during a televised programme on Wednesday morning.

According to Singh, this vast sum of money is owed for driving offences recorded this year.

“For this year only so far, paid tickets so far have amounted to $57 million so far, which is going to the Government’s financial system; however, outstanding tickets amount to more than $117 million,” the Superintendent revealed.

Explaining that these statistics are physically verifiable, he mentioned that the unpaid tickets were not intended to be left unresolved as the Police Force was continuously doing follow-ups on the tickets issued.

“Do we just take the unpaid tickets as a form of some action taken and leave it as it is? No, our ranks continuously work to follow up for court dates for matters that are pending, if summons were prepared and if warrants were issued for the arrest of a perpetrator or person who did not honour the date on their tickets for court,” he underscored.

Additionally, he disclosed that drunk drivers have contributed a substantial $18 million to the Government’s coffers through fines paid for their violations.

“More than $18 million has been contributed to the Government’s financial system by drunk drivers. To be exact, 237 of them,” he revealed.

Only recently, Singh reprimanded drivers for their recklessness on the roadways. He referred to the fatal smash-up at Long Creek, Linden-Soesdyke Highway which claimed the lives of six persons.

He noted that accidents across Guyana could be avoided only if drivers use the roads more responsibly.