Steven Ramphal cops Chutney Monarch title


The Anna Regina Community Centre Ground came to life on Sunday Night as hundreds flocked the venue to support their favorite artistes vying for the National Chutney Monarch 2019.

After some excellent performances, Steven Ramphal was named the winner with his tune, ‘Rang Ke Baare’ followed by the 2018 Chutney monarch, Bunty Singh who performed “Pholourie”.

The third spot winner was former Chutney Monarch, Pooran Seeraj with ‘GT Ladki’ and rounding off the top spot was Arjit Singh who performed “Ring on the Lukanee”.

An elated Ramphal was lost for words after the announcement. The young artistes who also secured second place at the Carib Soca Monarch said that he remains humble during the competition and had his eyes on the prize from the inception.

He walked away with $1M in cash and trophies along with other prizes.


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