Statement by Attorney General Mohabir Anil Nandlall on Ashni Singh’s accident

Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh at the scene of the accident. [iNews' Photo]

[] –  At or about 21:00 hours on 23rd February, 2014 at the junction of Garnett and Delph Streets, Campbellville, Greater Georgetown, the Honourable Minister of Finance was involved in a vehicular collision with a motor car.

The Minister was taken to a city hospital for medical attention shortly after the accident. An associate of the Minister facilitated the driver of the vehicle and the lone passenger to be taken to a city hospital for medical treatment.

The matter was duly reported to the police and is being investigated. Without prejudice to the rights of all the parties to seek legal recourse, the Attorney General met with the driver, the owner of the vehicle and the passenger with a view of exploring the possibility of bringing the matter to an amicable end.

Allegations that the Minister of Finance was intoxicated and failed to submit himself to a breathalyser test are rejected. Indeed, the Minister was not invited to take a breathalyser test by anyone and in fact, the occasion to do so did not present itself.

It is hoped that this disclosure will bring to a swift end, the speculations and inaccuracies which are being peddled in the public domain in relation to and in connection with this matter.



  1. The Minister was taken to a city hospital for medical attention shortly after the accident.

    you mister ag can do all the covering-up you want, but you must also know that the guyanese public are smarter than what you would like to give them credit for.

    you are accustomed to addressing gullible and naive supporters of your government who sedately sit back and swallow what you feed them, but there are onlooker and observers that are ready to ask you the hard questions.

    you said that the breathalyzer test was not done because the opportunity did not occur. then, what about the doctors’ examination at the hospital, did they not take a blood test there?

    i want you to wiggle out of this one and try telling the guyanese people that the minister sought medical attention at the hospital shortly after the accident and doctors proceeded to examining him without drawing blood to do an analysis.

    show the guyanese public the results of the blood analysis – doctors are not mad people to begin examining a patient without first drawing blood for blood work holds the key to how they must treat the patient!



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