Starr Computer launches Innovation Centre


Starr Computer in collaboration with its international partners Wednesday launched its Starr Innovation Centre, which was specifically designed to promote modern educational development starting with robotic toys to modern classroom solutions.

The centre seeks to fast-forward learning through the use of various electronic devices in a classroom.

Director of Starr Computer, Mike Mohan explained that the main purpose of the centre is to create a concept of educating the younger generations by using the disruptive devices or technologies that are on the market.

As such, within the centre is a Kids Discovery Department.

“From this department here we’re going to be showcasing small devices that kids can relate to, work with and they can learn how to do coding at a very young in at a fun fashion,” Mohan explained.

The newly-launched centre is open to the public, absolutely free of cost.

Some of these innovative devices that are waiting to be utilised include the robotic vacuum cleaner, humanoid robots (namely Dr Albert Einstein), hologram 3D displays, recreational drones among others.




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