Squatters get more warnings; Persons removed from Ogle Airport lands

Residents take over some of the land in Success. [iNews' Photo]

Residents take over some of the land in Success. [iNews' Photo]
Residents take over some of the land in Success. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyan.com] – Persons that have taken it upon themselves to continue to occupy and mark off state lands with the intention of squatting have received further warnings from the Housing Ministry and the Ogle International Airport – one of the most recent victims of the growing phenomenon.

“The Government of Guyana wishes to make it pellucidly clear that squatting is an illegal activity, and will not be condoned.All persons who are currently attempting to illegally occupy lands on the East Coast and East Bank of Demerara and other locations, are asked to immediately desist from this illegal activity,” statement from the Ministry noted.

It was also noted that persons will be dealt with the full force of the law since this activity leads to lawlessness and a break down in law and order, adding that all squatting which occurred after January 1, 1998 will not be regularized.

Meanwhile, the Ogle international Airport released a similar statement noting that a large number of persons have made attempts to squat on Ogle Airport land within the boundaries of the Airport.

“The public are warned that unlawful entry into or interference with a Civil Aviation facility is a violation of the National Aviation Security Programme and Civil Aviation Regulations.Ogle Airport has notified the Commissioner of Police and the Director of the Civil Aviation Authority,” the released stated.

It was noted that Ogle Airport Security, with the support of the Guyana Police Force, has apprehended and removed these persons and has destroyed the pickets they had placed on the Airport’s land.  

“The public is warned that Ogle Airport Security will apprehend and hand over to the Guyana Police Force, any person found unlawfully entering the Airport,” the statement reported.



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