PPP to protest GECOM offices; says internal changes being made

Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members. [iNews' Photo]

Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members.  [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it plans to follow up on its call for the resignation of Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) Dr Steve Surujbally and for a recount of votes at the just concluded general and regional elections by mounting protests outside of GECOM offices across the country.

Dr Surujbally has already made it clear that he will not be resigning from his post.

“Protest actions are also planned at all GECOM offices throughout the country to demand a total recount of all votes cast and the resignation of GECOM chairman,” a statement from the Party noted.

According to the statement, the course of action comes following a meeting of the Central Committee of the PPP.

Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.
Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.

“The meeting reviewed developments since the elections and took the opportunity to thank the Guyanese people for the overwhelming support it received at the polls. Central Committee remains convinced that based on feedback received from its Polling Agents and Statements of Poll received, it won the majority of the votes in both national and regional elections,” the statement noted.

It is based on this standing that the Party intends to introduce some changes at GECOM and to its internal structure.

“The Party is considering ways of improving its future representation at GECOM….central Committee deliberated on ways to strengthen and re brand the Party in order to be better positioned to defend the masses against the undemocratic imposition of the APNU+ AFC coalition to the seat of Government… Central Committee also recognized the need to strengthen the Party both organizationally and ideologically and also to introduce some changes at the Party, Parliamentary and GECOM levels,” the release also stated.

According to the PPP, the international and local observers were fooled into believing that the May 2015 elections were free and fair.

“The meeting recognized that the observers were duped into believing that the elections were free and fair. The main aspect of the electoral process which was to observe the counting of ballots and the verification of statements of poll was left entirely in the hands of the GECOM officials many of who are activists and supporters of the APNU-AFC,” the release added.



  1. AKIN so Y GECOM wont go through a little bit more pain as u say they went to great pains and have a recount?
    It would take less that 6 hours of pain..
    Or are U afraid of the real pain where it will really really hurt U real bad if the recount shows that U R not the winner?
    Those ballots in those ballot boxes are like DNA.
    They dont lie…So Y the big fight against a simple –Recount_?

  2. Ahem, Legally speaking, to recount votes, you would need a logical reason. There was none!

    There was a case of a few fake ballots, that were DETECTED and had NO EFFECT on the results.

    GECOM isn’t hiding anything, GECOM, from all indications, went to GREAT pains to count, check and double count the ballots! It is this very reason why they were delayed in announcing the results. In addition, they had to WAIT, BECAUSE the PPP/C (which ALREADY HAD the results from their staff that were stationed at the polling stations!) started talking about a recount.

    GECOM waited to see if anyone would provide a reason for a recount, and since no one put forward any reason for a recount, no recount was necessary!!!
    The call for a recount seems ignorant, when no one can put forward a reason, not the PPP/C, not the International Observers who were welcomed by the PPP/C, not the private sector, NADA!!

    The PPP/C was represented at polling stations, alongside every other party that contested the election. (Wouldn’t you send your people to make sure nothing illegal happen?)

    President Granger was confident he won because his staff like the PPP/C staff who were at the polling stations can count.
    President Granger did not deny the people’s rights, (ridiculous), since he was not the president when GECOM made the official results… Ramotar was.
    And GECOM is a government body, and Ramotar was the head of that government!

    While some officials at GECOM are APNU+AFC, the PPP/C still had staff at polling stations!! And if they has reasons to present to GECOM for a recount, they would have done that and GECOM would have to recount, legally.

    On 17th May Sunday, PPP/C said the elections were rigged, and incredibly said, get this, that International Observers and GECOM had an agenda!!! Wow, Ok so in march the PPP/C invited International Observers, and in roughly two months time, they link up with GECOM, duped all Guyanese involved, including the private sector and rigged the election. lmfao lol, he called it an unholy alliance. The article also said, Mr. Ramotar believes that International Observers were duped into believing Elections were free and fair.

    See? its ambiguous…

    So, my question is: which is it, were they duped, or did they dupe us?

    PPP/C invited International Observers!

    Quote from GINA:

    “Georgetown, GINA, March 18, 2015

    Government has dispatched letters inviting several countries and internationally recognised groups to officially observe the upcoming General and Regional Elections on May 11.
    Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon, at his weekly press briefing today indicated that this followed the “dispatch of letters” notifying the said countries and groups of the pending elections following the decision to prorogue the 10th Parliament by President Donald Ramotar. The announcement of the May 11th date for election then saw letters of invitations being sent to the same bodies and the international community to participate in observing the elections.

    Formal invitations have been extended to the governments of India and South Africa and others “habitually written to”, said Dr Luncheon. These include the United Nations (UN), Caribbean Community (Caricom), the Organisation of American States (OAS), Commonwealth, Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), the Carter Center, the United Kingdom branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.”

    When you say “we have to do what we do now”, you mean we Guyanese, riiight? oh 🙂 stop thinking evil thoughts, they will result in evil actions, which will result in evil results.

    Last thing is, you can never be sure about the future, so you can’t be sure that there would have been chaos, had the APNU+AFC lost and asked for a recount and didn’t get it. A lot of people expected violence at this election and didn’t get it…

    A suggestion, try a different approach for a day and see what happens…Akin out…R.I.P.T.A.S


  4. What is there to hide? A recount should have been granted. At the end of the day if APNU/AFC won the elections fairly then let them run the country for the next five years.

    PPP/C has a right to protest GECOM offices until they are heard. If this was reverse Georgetown would have been burnt to ashes by now.

  5. If you can`t think for yourself,you will remain a puppet forever.The fact is,the incumbent then,had invited and welcomed international observers to oversee these elections,besides,you had other observers who were at every polling station in the respective areas,who claimed that the elections were FREE FAIR and CREDIBLE,were all these people lying?The PPP/C must face realities of life,in this case,YOU CAN`T WIN FOREVER,YOU`RE A FOOL FOREVER.

  6. I do not get it. Votes were counted at each place of poll. A SOP was prepared for each polling place. These must have been recorded/ photographed by each party’s polling agent. (The PPP/C would have tabulated all the SOPs by about 12.00 PM on May 11th.And they would have known the end result by then! )

    All the ballot boxes and SOPs were sent to the GECOM office to be recounted/ processed. At GECOM, the tabulations of the votes as recorded on the SOPs, were done. Over a number of days. The results were given. All parties had access to the same information. Each party’s representatives would have been present at the count and at the tabulation (at the polling place and at GECOM)

    At each point, there were agents/representatives of the PPP/C.

    Those FAKES were easily IDENTIFIED and REJECTED. It is obvious that this was a CRUDE job. Deliberately injected, no doubt for an ulterior purpose! Certainly not with the intention of anyone WINNING the elections. For both parties actually knew the results that same evening!

    The observers OBSERVED the same thing that the PPP/C reps did. Were the PPP/C reps asleep on the job? Were they selected for their great degree of incompetence? How were the observers FOOLED? Then the PPP/C reps were fooled, too? Because, they witnessed the same thing! You mean Dr. Surujballi and the entire GECOM staff pulled a HOUDINI? On the POOR PPP/C ? OMG!

    Now, could the PPP/C publish their results and let us know by how much they would have WON by? This has to be X plus 4,506 votes, with X being the PPP/C number of votes and 4,506 being the amount they lost by.

  7. Tell a huge lie! Keep repeating it over and over,and you will eventually believe it is the truth! No one else will believe it is the truth,and will think you are quite unhinged.So said,so done,Peoples Poopy Party,and D Duck!

  8. To the PPP, the Guyanese people have spoken, they chose President Granger.
    Please go away and let the people of Guyana be heard!!

  9. I don’t see why a simple recount of the votes have to cause so much drama. What is GECOM hiding? The man already said if the recount proves that he lost the election fairly then he will accept the outcome. Why was the staff at GECOM only APNU + AFC supporters? Tampering with the rights of the people is most certainly breaking the law. I am sure if Danger was confident he won fairly he wouldn’t have objected to a recount. Why deny the people their rights if you actually want unity? I know for sure if this was APNU asking for a recount this place would have been in chaos until they were satisfied. Even if they lost fairly it would have caused problems. I say we do what we have to do now.

  10. According to Mr Ramotar the APNU / AFC govt. Is a De facto govt. If this is so then the PPP was a De facto govt since 2011 since they got less votes than the combined opposition These people have become addicted to POWER! It is only a matter of time before all the skeletons in their closet will come to light You lost the election so behave in a responsible way and act as a good opposition by representing the interest of your supporters.


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