Sooba maddening City Council – Mayor Green complains

Town Clerk (ag) Carol Sooba and Mayor Hamilton Green.

Carol Sooba. [iNews' Photo]
Carol Sooba. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – City Mayor Hamilton Green has again expressed frustration; claiming acting Town Clerk Carol Sooba has completely eroded the authority and responsibility of himself and councillors.

According to Green, Sooba has assumed imperial-like powers; pointing to total disdain and disrespect for Councillors where unprovoked she shouts, and hurdles invectives and snide remarks.

“The situation, at the Mayor and City Council, has further deteriorated… Ms. Carol Sooba―the individual imposed on the council as Town Clerk by the government – has with the apparent support of the PPP administration eroded completely the authority and responsibility of the duly elected council,” Green said in a statement.

Worryingly, an examination of decisions taken by the council since the incumbency of Sooba shows that 90% of those decisions arrived at after due consideration and deliberations by councillors are completely ignored, Green said.

He pointed to some of these matters but refused to comment on others which are engaging the attention of the Courts.

Mayor Hamilton Green. [iNews' Photo]
Mayor Hamilton Green. [iNews’ Photo]
“Ms. Sooba’s actions and statements have been so ridiculous and unbelievable that at the last statutory meeting it earned the displeasure of at least one PPP/C Councillor,” Green added.

He is calling on the government and urged all Guyanese to do the same to immediately operationalize the Local Government Service Commission “to put an end to this strange situation where an unqualified and untrained individual was imposed on the largest municipality in Guyana.

Also, Government must stop it vacillation and set in motion the processes for local government elections, those elections were not held since 1994,” Green added.




  1. granger-green -corbin-greenidge all should be tried for crimes against humanity ..hammie should be forced to testify at rodney coi..he and the above pnc gang know lots


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