Some 500 Cane Harvesters on strike at Uitvlugt Estate

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By Fareeza Haniff

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[] – President of the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU), Komal Chand has confirmed that approximately 500 cane harvesters at the Uitvlugt Estate, West Coast Demerara are continuing their fourth day of strike action.

He told iNews during a telephone interview on Thursday, September 03, 2015 that the employees are demanding better wages since some of the cane fields are in a deplorable state.

The strike commenced on Monday, August 31 and to date the Union and the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) have failed to reach a compromise on the issue.

However, Chand explained to iNews that the two sides intend to meet again on Friday, September 04 in an attempt to resolve the matter.

“Cane cutters are on strike over pricing…because of the bad conditions of the field…they are requesting higher pay than what is offered. So they are on strike so the Company and the Union are going to make another effort tomorrow to see if this can be resolved…They [cane fields] are occupied with lots of vines…they haven’t cleaned the fields,” Chand told iNews.

GuySuCo recently noted that this is the worse strike to have hit the Uitvlugt Estate and that the cane harvesting gangs are “demanding exorbitant payment for obstacles in the field.”

According to GuySuCo, a field visit was conducted on Monday by both Central/Local Management and Central/Local Union in order to resolve the dispute.

“This action by the workers has brought sugar production at that location to a halt. In the meanwhile, the condition of the canes burnt and the fields continue to deteriorate,” GuySuCo noted.                          




  1. John Curbie , would you like to cut cane for a half day ? It may bring some healing to your prejudiced mind and an exorbitant amount of money to your pocket . Please do , make a try at it .

  2. looknah shut ya big mouth and take a back seat. You do not make sense. What did Burnham execute when he was in office. Let me refresh you (BANKARUPT) this country. Guyanese were starving. I guess this did not applied to you since you had that PNC card.

    Remember the good old PNC days when Burnham built parks and housing schemes for Afro Guyanese. What did he do for the other races in this country.

    Which party this second Burnham came from. Now go figure.

  3. Granger dont care about poor rice farmers and cane harvesters ..oil will bring big bucks.He busy running in circles.

  4. This is one of the estate under the radar, under producing and performing, high costing and a shortage of labour. The PPP cohorts are at it again using the sugar workers to strike and break up the Sugar Industry, however, it is like shooting yourself in the foot. These workers are being mislead by the reps and supported by their union. All of the reps are PPP activist!!!.

    What Komal should inform the nation is that these workers are demanding payment of exorbitant sums from the monies that the Gov’t bail out Guysuco with which cannot be condone this time.

    The workers should see for themselves and return to work and don’t be mislead by these average hungry reps.

  5. you klutz, the cane cutters didn’t have a job the time raj singh declared guysuco bankrupt. right now the sugar workers are eating and having jobs to go to because this current administration understands the importance of protecting the livelihood of 16,000 sugar workers and i am sure many are thankful that the new administration just did not close guysuco the moment raj singh declared what the ppp did to the corporation.

    what is bothering you is the fact that you know fully well that out of 16,000 sugar workers not all are barefaced liars and ungrateful and five years from now they will remember who truly looked after their welfare.

  6. vines didn’t just show up in the cane fields because somebody whispered to them that pnc / burnham took over the country as of may 11th this year. the ppp destroyed both rice and sugar and right now the same burnham that a’yuh claim running the country and how he used to starve a’yuh is feeding a’yuh right now because, the ppp – a’yuh masters – bankrupted guysuco and drained the petrocaribe fund leaving just about half a million usd inside while millions upon millions just disappeared. one ppp crook paid himself 27 million and stashed it away in a foreign bank account.

    go ask dem guysuco workers who keeping them afloat with a job and breakfast on their tables after raj singh declared guysuco bankrupt and when you get the answer try see if it will be different when you ask the same question of the paddy farmers.

  7. You poor cane cutters dont have a job in a few months time so continue working and save some money for your family,hard days are coming,Burnham days have returned,in the mean time our Primeminister is spending money like the world is coming to an end,this is the change we voted for.

  8. Rice farmers and cane cutters on strike. You get the government you did not vote for but you too afraid to take it to the streets like how PNC supporters do it fighting for their rights for their voices to be heard their vote to be be counted and recounted. Every one of you knew what went down in the last election. Your vote did not count but you took it like innocent silent lambs so this is what you get. Right now this government don’t really care for rice farmers and cane cutters when they are sitting with their US masters discussing big oil.

  9. Privatize GuySuCo or the PPP will continue to use the cane cutters as pawns in their strategy to destabilize the govt.

  10. Common on Mr. Ramjattan / Mr. Nagamootoo, go and have the matter resolve immediately, during the PPP time in office you were the first to be at the rescue line for the cane cutters, today is 4 days already and can’t hear from you idiots.


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