Solomon drops out PNC leadership race; Norton denies being a Traitor

Aubrey Norton . [iNews' Photo]


By Kurt Campbell

Aubrey Norton . [iNews' Photo]
Aubrey Norton . [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Former People’s National Congress General Secretary Aubrey Norton has trashed claims, labeling him a Traitor and exuberated surmountable confidence that he will defeat current PNC Leader David Granger when the 18th Biennial Congress convenes at the weekend, where a new Party Leader will be selected.

Norton, a Linden strongman will go head to head with Granger after Region Ten Chairman Sharma Solomon has reportedly pulled out of the race. He had earlier accepted the nomination.

Solomon refused iNews a comment when approached. It is believed however, that Solomon has declined to run for the leadership position so as to allow Norton to dominate the Linden constituency from which they both hail.

Norton, a PNC Stalwart, who was keen in criticizing Granger’s headship, said it is his belief and that of many Party members that the Party is not strong at this point to win any general elections.

To this end, Norton says he plans to focus on training and education to ensure the survival of the Party by ensuring it adapts to present times. He said too that efforts will have to be made to ensure that the Party remains viable, independently so and as such will develop an economic plan that will generate income.

Leader of the APNU, David Granger.
Leader of the APNU, David Granger.

Thirdly, Norton said there is also the need for a general strategic plan that will holistically guide the Party’s direction.

“It can’t just be political anymore, it has to be political, social and economical,” Norton told iNews.

In responding directly to claims that he is a traitor and is causing division in the Party, Norton said: “the negative doesn’t worry me, I get my motivation from the people who believe in me and who are pushing me, the person who is claiming that more fits that ilk more than me.”

He refused to comment further on the issues when quizzed.

“I am very confident that I will win, I think I can rely on the people to vote for me,” he said, while making it pellucid that his criticism was not directed against Granger’s person but rather his policies.

Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.
Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.

Norton said he is not worried either about the possibility of vote fixing and election rigging but assures his supporters will be keeping a keen eye on the machinery.

“I’m not threatened at all and I believe my track record will do well.” He boasted.

He also bragged of his vibrancy and knowledge of foreign policy and says he is a strong supporter of the national unity policy.

Norton has promised to engage more indo Guyanese to ensure that the PNC’s support base is broaden.

“I believe to win any general elections you need a multi ethnic approach.”

He reiterated that much monitoring of the machinery will be done during the process to ensure that “the people vote count.

Norton boasted of an overwhelming strong support in all regions and an across the board Party support.

He was stern that under his Stewardship “Party business will remain party business” and will not become the subject of newspaper articles and editorials.




  1. The entire lot of you just sound like a pack of fools and opposition party haters. Yes the PPP has done good for this country. But what is it doing now? Throwing democracy down the drain that is what they are doing. AFC? I concur nothing but a bunch of rejects and shouldn’t be’s but its because of people like you that they are there. You have no one to blame but yourselves, you bunch of racist fucktardians!

    Granger for President 2015! yes 2015.

  2. These traitors only know to steal and mismanage. They can’t run a successful sweetie stand much less run country. Who Norton think he could fool? He is no better than a cutthroat criminal. It is better to cockeye and the AFC dem be in opposition than these darpoke who oppressed, raped, beat, rob and plunder our people. The govt should jail these PNC fools!

    Now they should federalize the bloody country so that all our rice, sugar and gold money would stay in Berbice and Essequibo! The PPP needs someone with vision to lead!

  3. PNC are builders yes::PNC builds their network of criminals who broke out from jail and build their home base in Buxton…PNC build chicken farm in Buxton and I cant remember where PNC built that Pig farm too..The Buxton base group of PNCites ate the chickens at an early stage so no big chickens left ..well no one know what happened to PNC built pig pen

  4. PNCites are not builders.
    They even ‘bun down dem’ own picnie school in Linden.
    They want power at all cost.
    Let them self destruct.
    Remember the voodoo dance when Dr Faith Harding went into the ring?
    There is only one predetermined result.
    I will bet my bottom dollar that Mr Granger will not be moved.
    New York put him there!

  5. From the moment Ramjattan was kicked out of PPP he was damaged goods…First round for AFC -Troutman got the black votes..Ramjatttan get Jhaat..second round for AFC…The big Mo Nagamoottoo get the PPP boot in he backside..He went around the country telling Guyanese Jagan dead and left Guyana for he to rule…the Nagamoo get collie man votes..Ramjattan get Jhaat..Now the big Mo Nagamoo hetting LOURAH..where ever the big Mo Nagamoo turn he getting PPP LOURAH AND BIGGER LOURAH FROM PNC..AFC must go back under the rock it came from…Dem AFC big men took big money from baboo-lall and bada-lall and cant produce nothing for it..dem big man dem want back dem money now..

  6. PNC fighting for rights to rule country: when one hear this called PNC and election it spells troble..PNC dont have people with vision to lead…PNC can rule and oh baby can they rule like king rulers who towers over all..PNC does not have what it takes to lead..soloman and kissoon granger and norton all have lindeners blood on their dont mind sacrificing a few of their own to make political points to gain political miles..grunger knows a few things about bloots so dont mess with he


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