Embattled Smuggler could spend up to 15 years behind bars – Source



By Kurt Campbell

hands-behind-bars[www.inewsguyana.com] – The ‘known’ smuggler who allegedly launched an armed attack on four Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Law Enforcement and Investigation Division Officers (LEID) while carrying out an operation at Dundee Mahaicony on the evening of July 16, could spend up to 15 years behind bars, a Senior GRA Official confirmed.

The accused, 53 – year – Harilall Motielall popularly known as ‘Jinga Harry’ was on Monday released on $350,000 bail by Magistrate Sueanna Lovell when he appeared before her, charged with discharging a Loaded Firearm with Intent after being arrested at the weekend.

But according to the GRA, the Authority will not treat lightly with the kind of [deadly] assault that its Officers were made to endure. The Official said the suspect could face 50 years for assaulting the GRA officers.

“We intend to take stern action on our part and will not be looking for a settlement… no settlement, we will go the full length,” the Official told iNews.

According to the Official, GRA officers need assurance that these kinds of unusually occurrences are dealt with condignly once it occurs.

It was confirmed that the man smuggled three bus loads of chicken into the country which is currently being detained by the GRA pending an investigation.

At the weekend, GRA had cause to dismissed claims made by the police that their investigations into the armed attack “are being stymied by the non-submission of statements to the police by GRA officials.”

The Police had claimed that the Officers “have shown some reluctance to do so.” But according to GRA, such statements are “wicked, malicious and atrocious” and called for a retraction of same and for the police to take swift action to have the criminal elements brought to justice.

GRA says it has been working with the police from the night of the incident with an initial report.

Police had confirmed earlier that during the incident 33 – year – old Yogeshwar Singh, who resides in the vicinity, sustained a grazed wound to his forehead from a stray bullet.




  1. if he could spend up to 50 years behind bars then right down to the criminal on the street known as choke and robbers and pick pockets must suffer same fate..you just cant walk the streets of guyana without being mugged some time or another..then these low life pick pockets and choke n robbers moves up the ladder where they acquire illegal firearms where they would attack you in your own homes..the law keeps pussyfooting with armed robbers where they get a slap on the wrist..the law has to get tough on all criminals and those who littler stinking up the joint…the same ones who stink up the joint in guyana would not ever throw a candy wrapper on the streets when they arrive in north ameria…its like once they get to north america they become cleansed..in guyana you could sit there and watch them dumping their garbage on the ground despite an empty garbage bin is being placed right their..stinkers must be jailed..


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