Sheriff Street Bandit led a lavish lifestyle fueled by crime

Kevin Fields.

By Leroy Smith

This photo was posted on Fields' Facebook Page.
This photo was posted on Fields’ Facebook Page.

[] – Twenty – One – year old Kevin Fields of Titus Street, Agricola East Bank Demerara has proven to the world via his Facebook page that he lived a life of guns, girls, liquor and money.

Fields is the bandit who was shot dead on Sheriff Street by a businessman [licensed firearm holder], whom he robbed at Ramchand Auto Spares on Sherriff and Duncan streets.

Fields reportedly snatched the businessman’s bag with some $1.7 million and sprinted to join his accomplice on a waiting CG motorcycle when he was shot dead by the businessman. His accomplice managed to escape.

A photo of Kevin Fields from his Facebook Page
A photo of Kevin Fields from his Facebook Page

A visit to the Facebook page of the young man suggested that he has been living a life of crime for some time now and was seen posing with suspected proceeds from his various crime scenes.

Among the photographs which are present on the Facebook page are hundreds of thousands in cash, a bulletproof vest with a gun tucked inside, eight different types of firearms with matching rounds and magazines, several bottles of expensive liquor and a firearm license.

Kevin Fields.
Kevin Fields.

A senior police source confirmed that they have been brought up to speed with the Facebook postings and photographs of the now dead man and are said to be looking into it.

It is not clear what moves the police will take in determining how many other crimes the young man may have been involved in but according to information reaching iNews, it is likely that there will be several searches of the dead man’s home and that of his friends.

Meanwhile, the police have clarified that at no time was there any firearm license issued to Fields. It is being suggested that the firearm license was illegally obtained either by forgery or confiscated from a license firearm holder.TAB 3

When contacted, Crime Chief, Leslie James stated that he has no reports of firearm license missing. He said the Force is investigating who the license belongs to.



  1. For all of those blaming the “system” (whatever that may be) I say BS. I have 2 sons who r well educated and can’t find jobs they studied for and guess what?? They r doing construction with their father rather than robbing people on the streets.. So the government ,nor the “system” is to be blamed for young people turning to thieves and thugs to earn a living.

  2. they will cry the root cause.they will cry the cost of living too high.they will cry government not creating jobs. then their family will cry their poor little hearts out when they loved ones eat some hot led.those who cry root cause will never tell the truth that there are many other ethnic youths that are educated and cant find a job that is suitable for them but dont turn to a life of crime.those who crying cost of living too high loves to live free. the family and close friends all enjoys the loot so they wont take the time of day to teach that what he is doing is wrong despite what mom says..she should have gone to the police..ent that the right thing to do instead of crying yall silly crackadile tears here? not one of yall de crying for his many victims did ya? come on not think before you cry

  3. I think its time that the Government start putting things in place for our young people. Look at him he is just twenty one years old and was already in crime.
    Do let us hide our head in the sand, he was born and raised under this Government who have done absolutely nothing for our young people.
    In Mr Burnham’s time there were institutions for every one free of cost.

  4. Shame and disgrace for the family. I guess he figure fast money was better than honest labor! To the people who believe this is the alternative to doing what’s right, then the outlook for Guyana’s future is extremely bleak “Live by the Sword, die by the Sword”

  5. The cost of living in Guyana is driving our youths on path of crime! For many, crime seems to be the only possible solution for a great many.

  6. they better investigate where these illegal firearms are coming from……………….. to much crime in guyana.


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