Sharma Solomon was misled by Norton – Oscar Clarke

Aubrey Norton . [iNews' Photo]


By Fareeza Haniff

General Secretary of the PNCR, Oscar Clarke. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PNCR, Oscar Clarke. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Aubrey Norton should apologise to Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon for misleading him in a number of areas, according to General Secretary of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), Oscar Clarke.

Clarke told a news conference on Wednesday, July 30 that Solomon is now realizing that he was ill advised by Norton leading up to the PNCR’s 18th Biennial Congress, which was marred by protests from a group of Lindeners.

The General Secretary pointed out that Norton is a Former General Secretary, Parliamentarian and member of the Central Executive Committee of the Party and should have known better than to make “certain comments.”

“He [Norton] has good reasons to create the problems in Region Ten. He griped about not returning to Parliament after the general elections. He is, in my opinion, a person who is an advisor to the leadership of Region Ten, particularly Mr Solomon Sharma…he should apologise,” Clarke said.

Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon. [iNews' Photo]
Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon. [iNews’ Photo]
Clarke opined that Norton should not mislead “young leaders.”

“I really feel that Mr Solomon is beginning to recognize that he was not given the best advice by our colleague, Aubrey Norton. If he [Norton] wishes to continue as a useful member of our Party, he must desist from doing so,” Clarke said.

He further noted that he has no ill feelings against Norton.

“I have nothing against Mr Norton except this behaviour of his. It’s not helpful to our Party.”

Aubrey Norton . [iNews' Photo]
Aubrey Norton . [iNews’ Photo]
Norton challenged David Granger for leadership of the Party during the Congress, however he pulled out on the day of voting, citing a flawed voting process. His actions were supported by Solomon and a group of Lindeners.




  1. Please Mr. Clarke, let the nation know how Mr. Solomon was mislead. It makes no sense to make a public statement and not support it with facts. I personally thing the Party needs young fresh ideas and that can only come for young fresh minds. No more recycling of ideas that have not worked and will never work. Time for a change in the PNC.

  2. everyone of you at the top heap on pnc to this day continue to mislead those who vote for you…are your people really disenfranchised discriminated against marginalized depressed and compressed by PPPC???? you clowns have to lie to your people to rile them to get them on the streets to march like crabs to keep all of you in power and nothing else..if all of you PNC from the top told your people the truth all yall goose cooked…everyone of you will be out of politics..the truth is that PNC was installed by UK and UK to rule Guyanese..the truth is PNC has never won a free fair and transparent elections in Guyana history…the truth is PNC does not have the support base to win election because PNC is seen as a black people party only..the truth is PNC never worked with the ruling government to stem the runaway criminality thats plaguing Guyana…the truth is PNC representing criminal is their bread n butter sweet talk to fool those that vote for you that PPP cant curb crimes..without those PNC have nothing and PNC is a political party of none leaders but is filled to the brim with rulers.


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