89 African groups receive over $8M financing from Culture Ministry



A member from one of the African Cultural groups receiving a cheque from Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony.
A member from one of the African Cultural groups receiving a cheque from Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport presented cheques amounting to $8.125M to 89 African cultural groups to assist them to effectively carry out their various activities for Emancipation celebrations to be observed on August 1.

Since 2005 Government has been supporting Emancipation activities, starting with just three groups, and has been encouraging persons from various backgrounds to become involved in preserving their cultural activities. Emancipation day is marked as an important day, not only in the Guyanese calendar, but also the global perspective.

The inhumane system of slavery was abolished on August 1, 1834 in all British colonies including British Guiana- now Guyana. It brought an end to the atrocious system of slavery which for centuries had brought pain, suffering and bitterness.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Frank pointed out that as Guyanese celebrate another Emancipation anniversary that they reflect on the country’s history.

He reminded the audience that the village of Buxton on the East Coast of Demerara was named after Thomas Buxton, who had advocated the Emancipation Acts of 1833 in the British House of Commons. “When we think about sacrifice, when we think about what people had to endure, the conditions under which they were living, I think that it is important that we read some of the documents of that time,” Minister Anthony urged.

“When we talk about slavery as a people we must understand the horrific system it was,” he stated.

The Museum of African Heritage has also been archiving documents and artifacts of the country’s history which will be showcased to other countries whose people were also victims of slavery.

[Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. wow..89 african groups?/ and still pnc does lose elections…wonder how much of this money is TAXPAYERS MONEY OR ALL OF IT OR ALL OF IT BELONGED TO Dr. Frank Anthony….ITS LIKE HARPER OF CANADA AND OBAMA OF US TELLING CITIZENS WE WILL MATCH YOUR DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR WHEN YOU DONATE TO A DISASTER::NOW…you dont realize its you who are putting 2 dollars and not these rulers clowns..they are the ones taking your tax dollars in the first palce then tell you donate and they will match dollar for dollar..your dollar and your tax dollar u r donating 2 dollars..


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