Sharma Solomon vows not to “beg for any job”


Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon. [iNews' Photo]
Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Chairman of Region Ten,Sharma Solomon has made it clear that he will not be begging for any positions in the APNU+AFC government and if he is not selected for any appointments, it will be just fine with him.

Solomon made the comment amid rising concerns as to whether he will return as the Chairman of Linden and if not, what role will he play in the APNU+AFC administration, if any.

Already there have been reports in sections of the media that former Member of Parliament, Renis Morian is to take the mantle from Sharma when the APNU+AFC names its Regional representatives.

In a recent interview, government’s Chief Whip Amna Ally noted that Solomon’s name was not extracted to serve in Region 10.

“I don’t know, I can’t say why. There are a number of people whose names were submitted to be candidates…many others were not extracted,” Ally stated.

She indicated that a lot of persons had many expectations but those were not met.

“Let me set the record straight with regards to Region Ten. It was not a Sharma Solomon campaign. It was a team campaign and while he was named Campaign Manager, there were many others who really had their shoulders to the wheel and did the work….other people have to be given a chance; they worked too. He is not the only one that worked,” the Chief Whip affirmed.

However, Solomon in a recent post on social media made his views rather pellucid, stating he shall not stoop to beg for any post in the new administration.

“Sharma Solomon is not prepared to subject the people of Region 10 to any form of humiliation where they will have to beg a few persons in Georgetown for me to return as Regional Chairman…this is something I have no control over. May I make this point very clear: I, Sharma Solomon shall not beg for any job and no offer was made to me by the administration,” he stated.

He maintained that his only commitment was to see the backs of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration and that has now been fulfilled.

“I wish to advise the political grasshopper that my commitment is to a cause of ridding Guyana of public officials whose sole intention it is to deny the citizens their right to the national patrimony. It is because of this greed the steam power plant is no more that caused the government in 2012 to want to increase electricity charges on an already economically disadvantaged people,” Solomon noted.



  1. Its ashame this new government is not showing respect for the young leaders n its all because u disagree with some aspects of the system the have in managing,sharma needs to be a imagine for the youths


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