Booted! RDC Heads Corlette, Solomon & others replaced


By Jomo Paul

Former Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.
Former Chairman of Region 10, Sharma Solomon.

[] – The Regional Chairpersons for the 10 Administrative Regions were elected on Tuesday, June 30 with fresh faces.

In the 2015 Regional Elections, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) secured seven out of the ten administrative Regions, securing its option of naming the Head of the Regional Democratic Councils (RDC) for those areas.

PPP/C won regions One, Two, Three, Five, Six, Eight and Nine while the APNU+AC won Regions Four, Ten and Seven.

In Region One, Brentnol Ashley was named Chairman while Sarah Browne was named Vice Chairman. The PPP/C has ten councillors while the APNU+AFC has five councillors on the RDC.

Region Two also elected Dave Ramdat to serve as its Chairman while in Region Three, Julius Ferber was returned as the Chairman for the third consecutive time while a new Vice Chairman was elected; however that person’s name has not yet been revealed.

The PPP/C has a total of 18 Councillors on the RDC while the APNU+AFC have some nine councillors.

Clement Corlette
Clement Corlette

Information reaching iNews has indicated that Genevieve Allen, the former Vice Chairman was named Chairman of region 4, replacing Clement Corlette who has served in the portfolio for some time now. Earl Lambert has also been elected as Vice Chairman of the Demerara-Mahaica Region.

APNU+AFC secured Region Four at the polls with 112,362 votes and has 22 Councillors on the RDC while the opposition PPP/C has 13 Councillors.

In Region Five, Vickchand Ramphal was named Chairman, while Rion Peters was named Vice Chairman. It has also been confirmed that David Armogan was returned as Region Six Chairman while Dennis Deroop has been elected the new Vice Chairman. The PPP/C won Region Six and has 15 Councillors while the APNU+AFC has 10.

New Region 5 Chairman Vickchand Ramphal  (right) and Vice Chairman Rion Peters
New Region 5 Chairman Vickchand Ramphal (right) and Vice Chairman Rion Peters

In Region Seven, Gordon Bradford was re-elected as Chairperson and in Region Eight, B. Fredricks was elected Chairman while Headley Tio was elected Vice Chairman.

In Region 9, the new chairman is Brian Allicock while the Vice Chairman is Carl Singh. The PPP/C has nine councillors and the APNU+AFC has six.

Renis Morian has also been confirmed to replace Sharma Solomon as Regional Chairman in Region 10.



  1. I am happy to see the boot given to region 3 vice chairman Pasha.I think he should be investigated for improper use of tax payers money.

  2. I just have to say that I am somewhat disappointed that Mr Sharma Solomon has niot been re-elected as the Regional Chairman of Region #10. However, maybe the APNU+AFC has other important things for him to do. Let’s see.


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