Sex video with High School students goes viral; Education Min. disturbed

Priya Manickchand


By Leroy Smith

Education Minister, Priya Manickchand. [iNews' Photo]
Education Minister, Priya Manickchand. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A sex video with four students from a popular High School in Georgetown has gone viral on social network and which has elicited nasty comments from members of the public.

Up to late Sunday (October 05), the video had well over one thousand shares on Facebook, showing two girls performing oral sex on two boys.

Education Minister, Priya Manickchand told iNews that she is “disturbed” at the video and that her Ministry first became aware of it on Thursday, October 02.

She explained that an investigation was immediately launched. The Ministry is seeking to find out when and where the incident took place and the identity of those involved.

According to the Minister, she has been receiving many private messages about the video from persons known and unknown to her. She also spoke of the video being sent to her Facebook page by some of her mutual friends.

Manickchand said that while the Ministry will be sending a very strong message to other young people in the way this issue would be dealt with, consideration would also be given to the future of the students involved.



  1. Is this the best you can do when writing a blog?
    Did you not learn Engllish?
    Crap what you write cannot be understand easily.

  2. #1 if any 1 did saw the video u would kw dat no 1 was forced into doin any thing both girls were seen lookin into th camera n speaking to th next student dat was videoing dem ty were all aware of wat ty were doin al of dem need to b dealt wit the sam way idc it’s not an excuse for der behavior smh stop trying to defend dem u mak it lok lik der were helpless n it was ok

  3. When constructed some decades ago, the Complex now occupied by NCN on Homestretch Avenue, in Georgetown, was intended to be the “Hollywood of the Caribbean”. I’m serious.

  4. Siymongoose you said it well, this person or persons must be placed in jail and it need to be investigated to the full extreme, lots of things and facts can come out , they could be forced, and so many other facts This fool Gray has a problem and gray you need to give a view on the topic not your bull about pnc and ppp

  5. Those girls will be branded for the rest of their lives, because once something gets on the internet it never leaves, I honestly don’t know what possessed them to partake in such an obscene act, but may God be with them, people will never look at them in the same way, they need to do some serious thinking.

  6. It would be interesting to find out who did filmimg of that scene. That person should be dealt with severely. Secondly, it is not difficult to find the poster on the social network. Were these girls forced into committing that act or were they complicit, not knowing or thinking about where it would end up? I sure they are now regretting that despicable behaviour.

  7. Code talk about decision has to take into consideration the future of the students give the public the impression that her decision will have racist implications as usual. That the two indian male students will receive a more favorable outcome.

  8. red thread done get get 400,000 US $$ but most of that money done gone into PNC hands for election campaign and elections coz of no confidence..u think this will bring political miles to red thread..if it cant then u bet your life red thread ent touching it with a 10foot pole..but anyhow u just cant control these kids since they will do as they pleased..its fun for them which is bound to come back to haunt them in their adult life..


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