Trotman should remain in Speaker position despite sex allegations – iNews Poll

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. [iNews' Photo]

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. [iNews' Photo]
Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Many persons are not in favour of Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman proceeding on vacation following investigations into allegations that he sexually molested Johnny Welshman some ten years ago.

A poll conducted by iNews asked: Should the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Raphael Trotman, take leave until a full probe into the boy child sex allegations is completed?

In response, over 1,300 persons voted with the majority saying ‘No’ [72 %], 27 percent voting ‘Yes’ and mere one percent undecided.

Trotman does not believe that he should resign as Speaker of the House and he has vehemently denied ever molesting the now 22 – year – old man. He recently revealed that he will only resign if he is charged with the offence.

Thus far, police are still investigating the allegations by Trotman.

“I have never in my life committed in any acts of a sexual nature that is illegal. I have never molested a child – male or female – and I have never, as a matter of fact, even as Counsel represented any person charged with similar offences.

Johnny Welshman
Johnny Welshman

“At no time did I ever and I will never in my life do anything to hurt any child or commit any offence of a sexual nature. That’s all I want to say,” the Speaker had said at a press conference.

He has since pointed fingers at the government for being behind the allegations, as he made reference to the pending No Confidence Motion against the Donald Ramotar led administration.

Trotman, in his defense, also believes that his accuser is mentally unstable. Welshman is alleging that Trotman, his father and a businessman raped him when he was a child.


  1. most guyanese know trotman and nigel hughes and bail williams dem infiltrate the judicial system already..they can now get the court to rule on anything that favors them..the court gagged the buggered boy not not the buggerer..

  2. i will leave this poll thing alone…if u do a poll asking if pnc should rule…90 % will say yep…go to sn blog site and u will see why…pnc people are trolling on line because ppp give them free note book .

  3. OK, you answered yes. May I ask what are your reasons?
    Can you be specific about Mr Welshman. ‘issues’?
    If you are not a professional, you are entitled to your opinion nothing more here carry any weight.
    If you are a relative, Mr Welshman should distance himself from you.

  4. You are right, these polls can be flawed.
    I am not mischievous and really do care.
    To prove a point, and in advance I offer my apology if i am out of order.
    i was told unofficially to try to vote more than once and see what happen.

  5. Yes Mr. Trotman should continue, obviously the young man has lots of issues. He does need help and he also needs his family to support him. His mom who is far away should be there to cuddle her son in his time of need (no matter how old you get, you are you mom’s baby) This young man has suffered loss of parents family and friends and he needs help.

  6. Moderator:
    I think these polls should be closely monitored.
    An email should be compulsory and verified to avoid duplicate votes.
    We have very dishonest lying bloggers, posting nonsense and PNCentric.
    The polls can be maneuvered.
    Case in point, there is lots going on with the youths today, but your poll today has already gone lopsided and one way – the opposition way! You need to very those votes!
    I voted a ”yes” in Mr Trotman’s case, since it is the standard thing to do internationally in sexual assault cases. I can dare you to check those no votes.
    To deviate is to set a dangerous precedent.
    Mr Trotman must not be allowed to have the luxury, to in essence called Mr Welshman and a nut while the complainant are naming persons even unto his own father. Mr Trotman even went so far as to label it as political and diabolic with no proof!

  7. The accuracy of such a survey is highly questionable. The survey should make public the number of persons surveyed that leaning toward each political party and those who are not politically motivated. If you ask 2000 PNC or AFC supporters nearly all of them will vote the same. The surveyors need to be more accurate and give a breakdown of the people surveyed. That’s how it is done in the USA. It’s just like asking 2000 persons if they need a raise in salary.


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