Several WCD villages under water; more high tides expected


Residents along the West Coast of Demerara are preparing for more flooding this afternoon after waking up overtopping caused by high tides this morning (Saturday, September 28, 2019).

The high tide, measuring 3.42 metres, occurred sometime around 04:00h.

The villages affected from this morning’s flooding are: Blankenburg, Den Amstel, Fellowship, Cornelia Ida, Anna Catherina, and Uitvlugt Oceanview. There were as much as one foot water in the homes of some residents, resulting in major losses. However by noon today, the water has receded from most of the homes.

Director-General of the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), Lt. Col Kester Craig, said an initial assessment of the area showed that approximately 70 homes were affected.

The Regional Executive Officer (REO), Jennifer Ferreira-Dougall, and her team as well as the Public Infrastructure Ministry’s Sea Defence Department are on the ground monitoring the situation.

Cleaning and sanitary supplies have been distributed to residents affected by this morning’s flooding.

Additionally, excavators are currently clearing trenches at Blankenburg and Zeelugth on the West Coast. This clearing exercise, Craig explained, is expected to take off the excess water from overtopping of the seawall.

Meanwhile, the CDC has mobilised sandbags to be distributed to the affected residents. This was done in preparation as another ‘above normal high tide’ is expected later this afternoon, around 15:58h with a height of 3.31 metres.

According to Craig, this will be higher than this morning’s high tide and is likely to result in more overtopping. To this end, the CDC Head is urging residents along the West Demerara coast, especially those already affected by flooding, to immediately secure the entrances to the lower flat of their homes with sandbags and to elevate furniture, appliances, electronics and other valuables household items.

Residents are also seal off electrical outlets which are less than one foot above ground level, Craig noted.