Several SOCU ranks fail polygraph test; transferred to other departments


By Leroy Smith

Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud.
Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud.

[] – After failing to pass their integrity tests which were conducted recently, the Guyana Police Force has taken a decision to transfer a number of ranks from the Special Organized Crime Unit (SOCU) to other departments.

The removal will see other ranks from some sections of the Force being installed at that unit and receiving training to function effectively there. This was confirmed by Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud while speaking with reporters at the Police Headquarters, Eve Leary on Friday, July 03.

Seelall did not say how many ranks took the test or when the test was administered; he would only confirm that it was the first test done within the Guyana Police Force for the year.

iNews was not privy to some of the questions asked during the test. Polygraph testing was introduced in several government agencies and Public Sector entities by the previous administration, which saw several heads and other staff sent packing for failing the test.

The move was condemned by sections of the society, where it was described as discriminatory.




  1. I wonder if there can be a integrity tests for those hyena that was bashing and bullying Carol Sooba at Georgetown City Council statutory meeting.

    Cite source:
    “Acting town Clerk Carol Sooba stands ground in face of PNC/APNU bullyism”

  2. The polygraph test is said to be 99.99% accurate give and take a percentage point. The problem is not the test itself but the person who interprets the results of the test.
    Once the tests were carried out they way they should, those who failed should not have been transferred but given the boot in the behind. They will continue with their dishonest practices in their new areas of responsibility.There is no doubt, the GPF is synonymous with bribery and corruption which has become chronic with many serving officers even as this comment is written. It is the most corrupt government entity followed by the GRA.

  3. OMG Guyana is falling in line with North America’s laws , some cops failing integrity test, now let the change begin. The police force has gone from the WILD WEST to order and structure. Good for all Guyanese. Let’s hope this puts an end to criminals wearing badges.

  4. This is indeed discriminatory. Let the top cop and his deputy take the test also.
    This will be the mother of all vindication of the police service.
    I would also urge that the present government ministers and the Minister of the Presidency do the test.
    Lets dont knit pick with the police force let this be the litmus test for the Public service.
    There was lots of talks when the PPP was in office about this test, now the shoe is on tour feet lets take the test simple.


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