FITUG concerned with spike in crime

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Police-300x189[] – The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) says it is immensely concerned about the most recent spike in crime that has grappled Guyana in the past weeks.

In a press statement to the media on Friday, July 03, FITUG pointed out that this development and more particularly, the violent dimensions and their frequency have raised concerns in various sectors of Guyana’s population.

The union is calling for greater attention and efforts from the relevant authorities to “contain reduce and eventually stamp out this menace from our midst.”

“FITUG is aware that, as a social phenomenon, crime has a global presence and everywhere is posing challenges to all societies. Acknowledgement of that fact should not lull us into a state of acceptance in our lives. Indeed, the maximum knowledge of this menace ought to require the appropriate security bodies primarily to fashion effective and enduring responses,” the release stated.

The union believes that much can be done within the existing constraints to make a greater positive impact on crime fighting adding that systems which are effective and give assurances to communities like the patrol systems too often become irregular and lose its effects.

“The situation today again calls for an increase and intense police activities to be pursued within our legal framework. More activities, to be sure, would require resources, and training. With this in mind, we would support at this time that the Ministry of Public Security would make reasonable resources as required available,” FITUG pointed out.


  1. You are absolutely correct GUYANA HAS INCREASED MORE IN CRIME WITH THE PAST FEW WEEKS,ITS SUPPOSED TO MOVE FOWARD INSTEAD OF GOING BACKWARDS….AND because of such behaviour ppl abroad DOES NOT WANT TO VIST!!! There is supposed to be change and move foward!!…..BE BLESSED!

  2. I hope the Government can quickly get on top of this situtation. Berbice is reeling Essequibo is in dire straits.Minister Ramjattan the situation is spiraling out of control and u closing down bar at 2am,is not best stratgey, idf a strategy at all??
    The state has a duty of protection to every citizen and failure to carry out this mandate will surely cost the Government its confidence building.
    I want to see the plan for the police force, it can be business as usual.
    By the way the ACTION PROGRAMME for the first 100 days says
    Establish of a Task force on crime security and road safety. How many days gone and where are we,
    Suggestion to the Governement:
    1. Give the ppl an update on this action programme.
    It doesnt look achievable.

    A watching


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