Gov’t to challenge BK’s claim for payment for Haags Bosch dump site


By Jomo Paul

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Communities Emil McGarrel. [iNews' Photo]
Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Communities Emil McGarrel. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The Government of Guyana is refuting claims made by BK International that the company is owed over US$9M for works done at the Haags Bosch dumpsite.

As such, the government plans to challenge the matter when it comes up for hearing in the High Court. Reports indicate that BK International has taken the government to court over the large sums of monies owed after concerns were raised about the Haags Bosch Sanitary Landfill solid waste dumpsite in the Eccles Industrial area.

On Monday, BK International’s Managing Director Brian Tiwari stated that his company is prepared to leave the project behind, but will only do so when it is paid monies owed.

“It’s not that I don’t want to leave this project. I’m willing to leave but I can’t leave until they pay us,” Tiwari stated.

However, at a press conference on Friday, July 03, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Communities Emil McGarrel did not deny that the government owes the company but stated that a legal response will be made.Landfill

The Permanent Secretary pointed out too that contrary to what has been reported, the court has not granted the lawsuit in favour of BK International.

It was noted that the project has a “history of late payments due to (in) action of the joint venture. In fact BKI/PBDS, by letter dated June 06, 2012, had suspended the contract due to none payment. The Ministry had withheld operations payments for January to May 2012 due to non-compliance issues.”



  1. The best version to belief on this saga is that of Engineer General Willis. Remember his pictures in Kaiteur spread on machines that were old and dilapidated for which million of us was charged by that company.
    Haags Bosh is been managed in violation of all the guidelines and the picture tells all.


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