Security sector officials attend overseas workshops, training programmes

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Police[] – Officers from the Home Affairs Ministry and its sub-agencies continue to benefit from overseas training and workshops in a number of technical areas.

A press release from the Ministry informed that Director of Prisons Welton Trotz attended a regional meeting on Prison Management and Administration in the context of human rights and comprehensive security in early September in Quito, Ecuador.

This meeting focused on the strengthening of technical capacities of correctional officers, public servants and judicial officers who worked around the prison system in the States of UNASUR.

In that same month, Inspector Jermaine Harper from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) participated in the “Instructors Training and Development Course” in Saint Catherine, Jamaica. Superintendent Brian Eastman and Oliver Profitt, a research officer from the Ministry attended a capacity building workshop on the “Interdiction of Weapons of Mass Destruction”.

This workshop which was held in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, addressed challenges, needs and opportunities related to weapons and mass destruction proliferation and effective interdiction in the Caribbean region.

Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent Maxine Grahame attended the annual training conference of the International Association of Women Police (IAWP) in Winnipeg, Canada. Sex offenders and victims, current issues assessment, treatment and special populations among other matters were discussed.

Superintendents Dion Moore, Royston Andries, Ravindradat Budhram, Wendell Blanhum, Brian Eastman, and Kurleigh Simon are currently attending the “Law Enforcement Leadership and Development (LED) Programme” in San Salvador, El Salvador. This programme runs until November 7 and focuses on leadership, management, counter terrorism, border issues, criminal and financial investigations, narcotics and countering gang activity.

Mark Wilson from the Customs Anti-Narcotic Unit (CANU) attended an Anti-Drug Seminar in Italy which dealt with the prevention of and the fight against drug trafficking among other related issues.

Coordinator, Task Force on Fuel Smuggling and Contraband, Floyd Mc Donald attended the third meeting of the “Specialised Group on Justice of the South American Council on Citizen Security, Justice and Coordination of Actions against Transnational Organised Crime” in Ecuador. This forum focused on the development of principles regarding the access to justice of UNASUR member States.

Meanwhile, Courtney Samuels another research officer from the Ministry attended the technical working group meeting on the Combating of Illicit Trafficking of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Nassau, Bahamas.



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