School gang members to be charged for stabbing 15-year-old


Two school boys are expected to be charged today for stabbing their 15-year-old colleague of the Covent Garden Secondary School, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

Shemuel Pierre was reportedly on February 28, 2019 attacked and stabbed by four teens who are said to be a part of a gang.

Two of the accused have been arrested and will make their court appearance at the Providence Magistrate’s Court today. The other two are still in hiding.

The arrest of the duo came weeks after the mother of the injured boy took to social media to complain about her dissatisfaction with the slothfulness of investigations by the police and pleaded for justice for her son who continues to receive death threats.

Pierre was leaving school for home when the teens allegedly attacked and stabbed him to both sides of his chest, puncturing his lungs.

He was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre and later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was admitted as a result of the severity of his injuries.

According to the mother, her son spent five days in the hospital and after being discharged, he visited the Providence Police Station and provided the names of the suspects.

The teen is still recovering at home and his mother said she will be forced to remove him from the school after his recovery.



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