GNBS calls on businesses to improve quality of customer service

Employees from GNBS and THAG in deep conversation at the meeting
Employees from GNBS and THAG in deep conversation at the meeting

– ISO 9000 standards must be adapted by all

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) officially launched its National Quality Awards 2019 as a lead up to “National Quality Week”, in October; and is urging businesses to participate in improving the quality of service, leadership, safety requirements, sustainability and engagement of customers among others.

The appraisal system which was launched in 2016 is based on an impartial and comprehensive assessment of business operations using pre-established criteria under the programme.

According to the Department of Public Information (DPI), On Thursday, members of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) and other organisations gathered at the GNBS Boardroom at the National Exhibition Center, Sophia to discuss new measures to be implemented.

A section of the gathering at GNBS Boardroom, National Exhibition Center, Sophia.

Head of Marketing and Communications of the GNBS, Seid Ibrahim said that there will be several criteria for businesses to follow given their participation in the programme.

“Participants must have the following: a valid business registration from the Deeds Registry, a valid Tax Compliance for the Guyana Revenue Authority, a valid National Insurance Compliance from the National Insurance Scheme,” Ibrahim said.

He added that other criteria that will come under focus are the completion of applications and the willingness to be evaluated by the agency. The award will be divided into five categories; manufacturing, service sector, small business manufacturing and service and agro-processing, DPI said.

“We want our Guyanese consumers to be confident and to ensure what they are consuming is good for them and it is of quality and this quality awards allows for that. Of course, it’s a prerequisite to participate in the national quality awards which will come on stream,” Ibrahim stated.

According to DPI, he highlighted that once the businesses submit their application packages, they will be evaluated to determine eligibility and then notified once they would have gained successful entry into the programme. After that, an onsite assessment exercise will be scheduled with a copy of the company’s manual and quality documents for assessment.

An independent Evaluation Panel will be onboard to select the winning entry.

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