‘San Jose Bridge had more than its fair share of difficulties’ – Ganga Persaud


By Kurt Campbell

The current state of the road which students have to traverse on a daily basis.
The current state of the road which students have to traverse on a daily basis.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Local Government and Regional Development Minister Ganga Persaud on Monday (January 20) empathized with residents of Moruca, Region One, particularly school children who have been severely affected by the state of the adjoining road to the bridge (approach) over the last two weeks.

The Minister said the construction of the bridge, its approach and the revetment works were not without its fair share of difficulties. On Friday last, the Alliance for Change (AFC) lashed out at the contractor for the substandard works which were done, calling it a $43M catastrophe.

iNews had reported earlier that the road is almost impassable. Residents claimed that it was as a result of substandard works done by one contractor which have worsened in light of the current downpour of rain.

These allegations were today confirmed by Minister Persaud, who also blamed the contractor for substandard/delayed work as was also previously noted by Region One Chairman Paul Pierre.

According to Persaud, the work on the Bridge is complete and there was a second contract awarded to the same contractor to do revetment works, construct the approach (cat walk) and sand fill the road. He said this is where all grievances lie.

Persaud explained that the revetment and sand-fill was necessary since the road would always flood whenever it rained. However, works which commenced in late 2013 were stalled when the rainy season began.

Minister of Local Government, Ganga Persaud.
Minister of Local Government, Ganga Persaud.

The Minister explained that the contractor had awarded a sub contract to another contract and was moving out his equipment when residents began expressing fears over the state of the road.

The Local Government Minister gave all assurances that once the rainy season comes to an end, works will move along to resolve the situation. He said he was also made aware of calls for the road to have a concrete surface and begged that residents understand the procurement process.

He explained that provisions were not made in the ongoing contract and such requests will have to be made otherwise, possibly until 2015.



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