Crashed Aircraft: Aggressive efforts afoot to bring bodies to City before nightfall

Dead: Dwayne Newton and Blake Slater.
Dead: Dwayne Newton and Blake Slater.

[]Rescuers are presently clearing a section of the Mazaruni Jungle close to the wreckage of the Trans Guyana Aircraft so as to facilitate the landing of a chopper.

iNews has been informed that the clearing exercise is a lengthy one but once that process is completed and the chopper is able to land, the bodies of the Pilot – Blake Slater –  and Cargo loader – Dwayne Anthony Newton – will be extracted and taken to the Olive Creek airstrip.

iNews understands that the bodies will then be transferred to an aircraft and flown to the Ogle International Airport. A source working close to the entire process said that there can be no definite word on whether the bodies will be able to reach the city today but rescuers are working aggressively to make that possible.

There has been no confirmed reports that the bodies are badly decomposed owing to the elements in that part of the jungle although this news site was advised to that effect.



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