Salary increases abound in ‘leaked’ APNU+AFC manifesto


By Jomo Paul

Capture[] The APNU+AFC manifesto has stirred a lot of social debate since it was leaked in the last 24 hours, with most of the conversation being about the proposed salary increases for public servants and disciplinary service officers which were noted in the 46 page document.

The APNU+AFC coalition has already claimed that the leaked document is not the final version of the manifesto since it has not been approved by the now coalesced parties.

The document proposes that should the APNU+AFC be elected to office, it would institute a 10% across the board increase for salary workers in the first instance. This will be done as a prelude to the resuscitation of collective bargaining for the public service.

According to the document, the APNU+AFC also has plans to constitute an Independent Constitutional Salaries Review Commission to be responsible for the periodic review of salaries, pensions and other conditions for persons appointed to constitutional offices including the President, Prime Minister and members of the judiciary.

Looking towards to the security sector, the coalition has plans to increase the salaries of all law enforcement officers by a sweeping 20% during its first year in office.

Further, it has plans to establish a Ministry of Justice and National Security with the aim of coordinating all aspects of public safety, border security and the National Security Strategy.

APNU+AFC also have plans to grant full permission to the US Drug Enforcement Agency to fully establish a local DEA office. Additionally, the coalition would seek to establish a unified Drug Enforcement and Control Agency to coordinate and execute the National Drug Enforcement Police between the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), Police Narcotics Unit, DEA, Interpol and other related agencies.



  1. You think is pnc bring guyana out of economic crisis? PPPC bruddaman! May 12 PPPC back in the drivers seat steering Guyana to a stronger economy and modernizing the country for all to enjoy. All who don’t like, please no violence ok?

  2. APNU+AFC seem to have reliable information on the amount of money in the treasury and cant wait to get their hands on it. Those to whom the promised salary hike is for should not take it for granted that it will happen. The opposition can only make promises but when faced with reality, they will sing another song. 20% hike is most unrealistic. They are so hungry for power that they will say anything and make grand promises knowing fully well that they can’t keep.

  3. Let’s not waste too much time here. W e must not allowed ourselves to be carried away. We all know in our heart and conscience that the PPP will walkaway with an easy 57% vote this time.

  4. Yet Jagdeo will cream off $3m a month — how much longer before Guyana goes bankrupt upkeeping this miscreant?

  5. Hmm! it’s about time. However, the payroll schedule has to come into the 21st century, paying people at the 1st or the 31st of the month is a hardship, and needs to be amended to either bi-weekly or weekly. In addition politicians should not be making salaries of $600,000 + a month, that’s vulgar.

  6. Where did the money come from to shore up the sugar industry, Jagdeos pension, the Marriott, CJIA, paying relatives and friends exorbitant salaries, etc.

  7. You cannot sustain any increase if you reduce your source of income …It is like spending more than you earn, where is the money coming from>>>


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