APNU+AFC manifesto “visionless, contradictory” – Former President Jagdeo

Former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo.
Former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo.
Former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Mere hours after the 2015 elections manifesto for the APNU+AFC Coalition was leaked Former President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has said that he is not impressed by the document deeming it visionless.

The 46 page joint manifesto appeared online late Thursday evening and instantly gained the traction of persons who were eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Among its contents is a plan for a 10% across the board increase for public servants and a promulgation of a 7% annual economic growth rate. The document also states that the APNU+AFC intends to make Guyana the Singapore of the Americas.

But Jagdeo in a press statement recorded his initial reactions to the leaked document claiming it is “unimaginative, perfunctory, has no strategic clarity and it is sometimes contradictory in its policy prescriptions”

“In my estimation, 75% is arbitrary ad hoc extraction of policies that the PPP/C is already pursuing but without the strategic framework that our government has outlined in several public documents including the NDS, PRSP, NCS, LCDS and our five-year education plan. Because of the absence of this framework, the APNU-AFC manifesto lacks focus,” said the Former President.

He also labelled some of the promises by the coalition as “preposterous and an insult to the intelligence of the Guyanese people.”

“For example on page 12 it states: “ministers and senior government officials will be required to declare their assets.” This is already in the Integrity Commission Act and is being complied with by members of the PPPC Cabinet.  The only people refusing to submit their statements of income and assets are some opposition leaders and some of their Members of Parliament,” Jagdeo’s statement read.

“However what is particularly revealing is their proposal to develop a long-term economic plan within first 100 days if they win the elections. How can they say they have a plan to develop the country and at the same time promise to write one if they win the elections? This is just one of the many instances of deceit and contradiction in the manifesto,” he added.

Jagdeo said that the manifesto confirms what the PPP has been saying over time – the APNU+AFC is against Guyana’s development.

“The opposition is notorious for being against things – Amaila Hydropower, Airport expansion, the Marriott Hotel, the Specialty Hospital, Amerindian Development Fund and UG students loans, among others. They are notorious for opposing things but are visionless and weak in outlining policies needed to improve the lives of our people,” the statement noted.




  1. What I would like to know is if the PNC can’t divorce themselves from the AFC?
    The AFC is now a Liability to us. They want to be Prime Minister and three person as Vice President. That’s four top positions. I don’t think Guyana can afford this.

  2. the response that the coalition getting with this leaked manifesto was exactly what the intent was. PPP/C done for, because they think they know what is in the manifesto but they don’t. PPP/C and comrades fall for the oldest trick in the book that is how they stupid.

  3. The PPP track record speaks for itself… And cleaned up the mess your PNC left Guyana in for 27 years! The damage of 27 years was undone by the PPP in less than 25 years. You think PNC will get another chance to bankrupt Guyana again? Think again! May 11th the people will speak and I hope you and your PNC PEOPLE DONT BURN down Georgetown!

  4. Mr. Jagdeo, your opinion does not and will not influence independent voters.
    You will influence the die-hard supporters and those who benefitted from your currupt deals. The majority of sane,right thinking Guyanese who truly love this country, think of you with disdain! You, sir will dare to also criticize the most beautiful, pure, highly educated and virtous VIRGIN, as unworthy! You had many years as a leader to truly transform this country. The moneys spent so far does not equal the results of what it was spent on. However when the mansions are factored into the equation, the equation balances. You are not a patriot, sir.!

  5. Its too late, you had 22 years and all that was manifested was theft and corruption. Guyanese fed up of you guys. Nothing lasts forever, so as they all go so too will the PPP.

  6. The former president has given his remarks better yet his opinion on the leaked manifesto. Should anyone expect the former president to give a positive response? What is quite interesting, is that the former president seems to be more in the news than the current president. Mr Jagedo’s dominance seems to suggest to one and all that he is the leader of the PPPC.

  7. Barat what is your point having Ministers and senior government submit there assets and income to a non existence integrity commission, what’s your point. Who reviews them?

  8. yall ppp peepol watch it now..move aside…awe pnc giving out free land so say the illegally leaked man- if-festo lol

  9. PNC should develop a plan now! Why should we vote for them if they will wait until they win. I believe AFC is a liability to us.

  10. pnc said teir manifesto was illegally leaked that they ent done woking pon it as yet so lets wait it a bit..maybe the true one coming out after de election..pnc just leaked this one as a ploy to see de response…hey play dead to see wha funeral u get nuh lol pnc smart bad you..pnc is like dem smart flies…

  11. While in Canada Granger and Nagamootoo said they have a brain drain problems. He further said “For Guyana to progress and develop we need the assistance of the diaspora; we cannot do it with out you” read 21st of April publication/news to confirm how bankrup the PNC and AFC are.
    Those Power hungry will “develop a plan if win Elections” Well only the Junta’s will vote for them. The majority of brilliant and right thinking Guyanese will again vote in the PPP.
    Guyanese let’s vote Continuous Growth, and Development!
    Together we must continue to Modernize This Beautiful Guyana!
    Vote PPP! Long live the PPP! Long live President Ramotar, and President Jagdeo!

  12. Lol. Tell them as it is. At least let them know that they are not dealing with no dunce. The only people that will believe the lies and deceit of the APNU/AFC are the ones blinded by race and corrupt minds.


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