Sacked Magistrate appointed as Legal Adviser to Ministry of Presidency

Geeta Chandan - Edmond

By Fareeza Haniff

Geeta Chandan - Edmond
Geeta Chandan – Edmond

[] – Former Magistrate, Geeta Chandan – Edmond, who was dismissed by the Judicial Services Commission under the former PPP government, has been appointed as a Legal Adviser to the Ministry of the Presidency.

iNews has confirmed that Chandan – Edmond commenced work at the Ministry on Tuesday, July 07 and will be assisting the government with its Assets Recovery Programme.

She also accompanied Minister of State, Joseph Harmon to the One Laptop Per Family Office on Wednesday, July 08. After she was dismissed of her magisterial duties, Chandan – Edmond and her husband both endorsed the APNU+AFC during the elections campaign.

Chandan – Edmond was dismissed on February 20, 2015 – the same day she was scheduled to sentence Sam Hinds Jr. – the son of then Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, after he was found guilty of unlawful wounding on February 06.

The former Magistrate was made to answer several allegations by the JSC, dating back to some six years. The allegations include her absence from a Magistrates’ meeting, medical leave during the period 5 – 7th June, 2013, absence of record due to sick leave, inability to deliver a decision in at least 19 matters, loss of minutes book, failure to respond to queries by immediate functional supervisor, the Chief Magistrate and departure from Guyana on January 20, 2013 without approval and a consequential absence from a magisterial engagement.

But the former Magistrate justified each allegation during appearance before the Judicial Services Commission. Many believed that her dismissal was politically motivated.



  1. Well well well : This government ,(APNU-AFC) is a pack of condemned politician from top to bottom : Granger was condemned from ARMY , naga and RAMJATTAN from PPP Geeta from justice system ,Trotman from PNC ,and the list goes on and on how can a bag of rotten potatoes feed the nation????

  2. Good, justice has been seen to be done…… Not her job to let off that woman beating pig so she then looses her job…. Right the wrongs and get all those who ruined guyana stand in the dock

  3. Great move. Ever so often each of our past comes back to haunt us. This may likely be the case with the appointment of magistrate Edmond. Bet she will put in overtime at her duties in ferreting out where the money went during the last administration. Her firing was indeed instructive as to how the PPP worked when it involved the untouchables. Imagine being fired the day before sentencing the previous prime minister’s son. But his case is not the only one. What about the previous minister’s son who turned up at his ex- girlfriends home and gun butted her black and blue. What became of that case? Or drunk ministers getting in accidents and breaking legs – no charges. In any other country these untouchables would be in jail. Years and years ago in Britain a close relative of the Queen was arrested for selling water down milk. Finally in Guyana it is hoped that no one but no one is above the law. Tell that to the PPP.

  4. Interesting pick for witch hunt by new regime. She is complimenting the Christopher Ram and Anand Goolsaran agenda.. only time before her skeletons come flying out of the Ministry of Ministries !!! Is she AFC or PNC ? Was she PPP before ? What a tangled web we weave… may be she is the next CJ ??????

  5. Correction Geeta was suppose to sentence HINDS son after he was found guilty when she was fired with trumped up allegations. The PPP has some nerve saying election was rigged…SHAME …SHAME …SHAME ON THE PPP.

  6. Congratulations. She was dismissed by the PPP for not “favoring” Hinds son; in other words, doing her job.

  7. Edmond sentence Hinds son then the PPP fired her…Good for the new government to hire her does the make the PPP fell now. Well the PPP does not like when they are made to pay for their sins. I say let the chips fall where they may now . Edmond is working to expose the under handed and unprofessional conduct of the PPP corruption while ruling the Guyanese people. The nerve of them claiming the election was rigged , they would know of rigging they wrote the book on that topic. Hahaha…get them all Chandan.!!!


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