Maduro says Guyana’s aim is to provoke Venezuela

President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro
President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro
President David Granger and President Nicholas Maduro

[] – President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro during an interview with TV Channel, Telesur says that the stance adopted by the government of Guyana over the territory of the Essequibo should foster national union for Venezuela to claim its legitimate right and to fight against provocations in all aspects.

In an article published today on El Universal, Maduro underscored that some sectors of the Venezuelan opposition have also joined such national union advocating Venezuela’s territorial rights, thus leaving political differences aside.

“The circumstances are forcing us to be united, to have a national union in order to reassert Venezuela’s rights and dispel provocations, to defeat them both morally and politically,” Maduro stressed.

According to the article, President Maduro warned against the attempts of Guyana’s President David Granger, with the support of US OIL COMPANY ExxonMobil, to provoke Venezuela and undermine the union of Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Today, the incumbent President of Guyana has come up with a very clear plan to provoke Venezuela, to challenge us. He deeply scorns the history of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Venezuela; he deeply despises us. He leads a campaign in Guyana and the Caribbean against Venezuela, against the union of Latin America and the Caribbean. David Granger has done the most serious thing a prime minister and a president of Guyana has even done: to disregard the Geneva Agreement; that is the most serious thing that has ever been done,” Maduro remarked.

According to the article, Maduro said that Venezuela would maintain its historic and fair claim over the Essequibo, while respecting the legal framework of the Geneva Agreement.

It was noted that President Maduro also referred to the diplomatic channel that has been established with the United States, which he described as a great accomplishment for a new era of relations with the North American nation.

He commented that he had met twice with the US State Department Counselor Thomas Shannon, and that a rapprochement based on respect has been achieved, plus an agenda including, among other issues, the revision of the function and size of the embassies, joint efforts with Petrocaribe, and support for peace and prosperity in Haiti.



  1. Maduro you are totally out of order let it be known that wee will defend this country territorial integrity at all cost even it means placing commandos and mercenary in your country we will repel any form of invasion hijo da puta.

  2. I am Venezuelan , respect for the Guyanese people , but the territorial dispute needs to be resolved within the framework of a fair and legitimate agreement, because until that is resolved territory may not develop for the benefit of both nations. Back to the Joint Commission and cooperation. My girlfriend isa Guyanese woman. Many Guyanese and her children are now Venezuelans.

  3. El Presidente, you need to remember that it was NOT Guyana that claimed 75% of Venezuela along with the ocean in front of it. You do remember that…no?


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