RPA calling on Govt to lower taxes on fuel to ease burden on productive sector


The Guyana Rice Producers Association (RPA) says it is calling on the Government to immediately lower the taxes on fuel to ease the burden on the productive sector.

Highlighting the increasing financial hardship facing the agriculture sector, the RPA explained that farmers who are currently harvesting have been experiencing an increase in transportation costs from an average of $200 to $800 per bag of paddy due to poor conditions of access.

“Many have been forced to use a combination of poor dams and weed infested waterways and this increase in fuel prices might very well be the proverbial last straw. Additionally, most farmers are currently involved in land preparation exercise and sowing of their fields and in the latter case most fuel is being used compared to the crop duration so the increase is coming at a really bad time for the farmers” said the RPA.

As such, the Association said it is calling on incumbent Administration to follow in the line of its predecessor and re-implement the sliding rate on taxes to cushion the impact of international price increases.

“To do nothing but collect exorbitant taxes will stifle production and affect thousands of lives” the RPA said. “This is certainly not the good life that was promised and the Government inaction on this matter is not an option and we are insisting on an immediate reduction in percentage taxes being collected and we know that the Government knows that they can still realize the amount budgeted for with a reduction. We will accept no less.”

State-owned, GuyOil Service Stations have increased their gasoline prices from $200 per litre, to $230, while diesel and kerosene have leaped to $214 per litre and $145 per litre, respectively.

Moreover, observations at other service stations have revealed that Shell Gas Stations now offer gasoline at $247, and diesel at a whopping $233, while Rubis service stations are charging $236 for a litre of gasoline and $226 for diesel.



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