Communities Minster says LGC not being interfered with

Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan

Communities Minister, Ronald Bulkan on Wednesday stoutly denied allegations made by Opposition Local Government Commission (LGC) members that there continues to be an unprecedented level of interference by Central Government in the affairs of local municipalities and democratic organs.

Opposition Commissioners Norman Whittaker, Clinton Collymore and Carol Sooba

“That’s a constitutional body and there is no interference on our part in the work of the Local Government Commission,” he told media operatives.

According to Bulkan, his Government is committed to respecting the independence and authority of the Commission and would never make such a move.

“I challenge the PPP, if that statement is accurate to furnish specifics and particulars,” he said.

In addition, the Minister posited that his Ministry and by extension, the Government is committed to a partnership with every group to help with the restoration of local government system.

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Local Government Commissioners had complained that the body is being propped up as just a front, while Central Government essentially runs the show.

The Commissioners said that Government has been stymieing them at every level, whereas Government is actually supposed to ensure the Commission’s autonomy.

The PPP Commissioners are Norman Whittaker, Clinton Collymore and Carol Soba.

The Commission was sworn in October 2017, after a lengthy delay and is now charged with, among other things, control over who gets appointed as officials in the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and other local authorities.

It is also tasked with approving budgets for NDCs.



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