Rotation of Heads of Missions to be restored – Minister Greenidge

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge
Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge
Foreign Affairs Minister Carl Greenidge

[] – Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge says his decision to recall the previously appointed diplomatic Heads of Guyana Missions is in keeping with international best practices. The minister said that it is the view of the new Government that various heads of missions should not be in-situ for 20 years or more. The normal practice is a two to four- year rotation, and this, the minister said, will be restored.

The intention is also for politicians who are not career diplomats, but were given posts by a president, to bring their term of employment to an end, when the president leaves office. He stressed that this has to be the case with Guyana.

“There is nothing special about the PPP politicians who are wearing the hat of diplomats today. They have to recognise that they served the president that appointed them, then they have to step down, there is nothing peculiar about it,” Minister Greenidge told the Government Information Agency.

It was pointed out that the rules of the Foreign Office allow those serving overseas to spend an extra two months to “wind up” their operations, Minister Greenidge said. The established protocol is that when a new government takes office, the various heads of mission report to the new president.

He said it is obvious that a president has to appoint those persons that he trusts, that he has faith in, and who know and understand his initiatives. It is nothing to do with a person having a right to a position as a diplomat. There is no such right, he stressed.

The Foreign Ministry expects all of the Heads of Mission, to return to Guyana, unless otherwise instructed by the president.



  1. ”I applaud”. Keep on applauding bibi because you see or hear everyone applauding and you do the same without knowing why.

  2. Absolutely correct, this is one way to gain experience for career diplomats, not be given plum jobs with no qualifications, and an inability to help and assist your citizens and government abroad or to be placed at distance from the law.

  3. I applaud the Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge for reminding the diplomatic Heads of Guyana Missions and educating the public about the role of the appointees and their time limits and jurisdiction. Why people believe this job is forever?

    The country is moving in the right direction, finally. No more dictatorship.

  4. As it should be. They were appointed by the previous government and representer the intetests and approaches of that administration. New government, new direction, new people.


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