Rohee’s nexus between Crum – Ewing killing and Top Cop’s confirmation confuses Dr. Luncheon


By Radha Motielall

Courtney Crum – Ewing and Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud.

[] – Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon says he is confused by the inference being drawn by the Home Affairs Ministry between the murder of Courtney Crum – Ewing and the confirmation of Seelall Persaud as the substantive Police Commissioner.

In a statement issued within three hours of the killing, the Home Affairs Ministry said: “The Ministry notes the deep coincidence between the fatal shooting incident and the earlier swearing in of the new Commissioner of Police”.

When asked during his media briefing on Wednesday, March 11 whether he can shed some light on the nexus the Home Affairs Ministry made, Dr. Luncheon said like the media, he too is confused.

Luncheon said he would “have some difficulties recognizing what linkage could exists” between these two incidents.

Meanwhile, when questioned about the possibility of an independent inquiry into the circumstances surrounding Crum – Ewing’s killing, Dr. Luncheon says this will be considered, if and when the matter reaches such a stage.

He reminded that a specific course of action will have to be followed, which includes the relatives awaiting the police’s investigation, after which they will decide whether to accept or reject the findings.

Thereafter, the relatives can choose to approach the government seeking an independent inquiry.

Crum – Ewing was gunned down execution style on Tuesday evening in Third Street Diamond, East Bank Demerara, while encouraging residents to vote against the People’s Progressive Party.