“We want justice” – Vigil held in honour of Crum-Ewing outside AG’s Office


By Jomo Paul

Some of the persons at the vigil outside the AG’s Office. [Ruel Johnson’s Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – A group of persons assembled outside of the Office of the Attorney General, Anil Nandlall on Wednesday March 11, as they called for justice to be served in the death of political activist Courtney Crum – Ewing.

Crum – Ewing was gunned down execution style on Tuesday evening while urging residents of Diamond to go out and vote at the May 11 polls when he was shot by so far unknown individuals.

The 40-year-old man in months past had staged an enduring one-man protest in front of Nandlall’s office, against his continuation as Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister.

Speaking at the vigil, Chairman of Blue Caps, Michael Leonard said that the vigil is being orchestrated to ensure justice is served and those responsible are brought before the Courts.

Leonard told iNews that many persons are afraid to come out and assemble which should not be the case.

“It seems as though Courtney was targeted, it wasn’t a robbery. So we want justice,” he said.

Blue Caps Chairman Michael Leonard and Sherrod Duncan at the Vigil. [iNews’ Photo]
Another political activist, Ruel Johnson similarly told iNews that he was stumped by the killing, pointing out that it had peculiar motivational factors.

“It’s hard to say that it is anything but politically motivated – he was a political dissident engaged in political activities when he was killed; there was no robbery. Nobody should die like that. Nobody should die for voicing their opinion,” said Johnson.

He also noted that it was strange that the Ministry of Home Affairs was able to send out a statement even before the Guyana Police Force managed to do the same.

Dead: Courtney Crum – Ewing.

According to iNews records, the statement from the Home Affairs Ministry was sent at 22:29hrs and the police statement at 22:51hrs both on Tuesday March 10.

“Even before the police report came out, we have the Ministry of Home Affairs – a state entity, putting out a statement that is inherently prejudicial and politically tainted…that is not something a state agency should put out,” he lamented.

Former University of Guyana Student Society (UGSS) President, Sherrod Duncan made it clear that the vigil was not a protest against the Attorney General per say but rather in honour of Crum-Ewing since it is what he was last engaged in.

Meanwhile, a statement the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition also posited some irregularities surrounding the shooting of the activist.

“Crum-Ewing’s murder has to be considered within the context of increasing attacks on the rights of citizens to express themselves freely and without fear, as well as against the backdrop of an untenable environment of poor citizen security,” the coalition noted in the statement.

The statement also recorded too that the coalition finds it “abominable that the Ministry of Home Affairs would put out a press release which includes the following ominous warning and attempt at what can only be described as a bizarre nexus: ‘The Ministry notes the deep coincidence between the fatal shooting incident and the earlier swearing in of the new Commissioner of Police.”

The APNU/AFC coalition “demands a full and impartial investigation into the murder of Courtney Crum-Ewing along with independent observation of the post-mortem. The longer his killers escape justice, the greater an indictment of the PPP’s failure to keep this society secure.”

Social Group, Youth For David Granger (YDG) also released a statement condemning the shooting of Crum-Ewing.

“The Youths for David Granger (YFDG) vehemently condemns the killing which was allegedly carried out by “unknown person or persons”. We call on all Guyanese, including the religious organisations, civil society and those concerned to play their part in ensuring that justice is given to the family of Mr. Crum-Ewing” the release from the group stated.

Both political Bodies are urging that Guyanese remain calm during the elections period.