Rodney COI provides better understanding of Guyana’s history – iNews Poll


Pie[] – The majority of iNews participants believe that the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the death of Dr Walter Rodney provides a clearer understanding of Guyana’s history.

The recent iNews Poll asked, “Would the revelations of the Dr. Walter Rodney COI contribute to a better understanding of our post-Independence history?” to which 259 voted ‘yes’, 118 ‘no’ and 15 were undecided.

Since the commencement of the COI on April 28, there have been damning revelations linking the then People’s National Congress Government to his death.

Several persons also testified that they were hired by the PNC to kill Dr Rodney, who was the founder of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA).

Walter Rodney
Walter Rodney

Dr Rodney was killed on June 13, 1980 when a ‘walkie talkie’ exploded in his car.

The COI seeks to inquire who or what was responsible for the explosion that led to Rodney’s death, whether it was an accident or an act of terrorism and the role of some persons and agencies, if any, in his death.



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