‘Homosexuality is destructive, should not be tolerated’ – Bishop Edghill defends Pastor McGarrell


By Kurt Campbell

Hard Talk[www.inewsguyana.com] – Junior Finance Minister and Pastor, Bishop Juan Edghill has described homosexuality as destructive, unwholesome and unhealthy and says it should not be tolerated in the Guyanese society.

The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) Parliamentarian was at the time defending Pastor Ronald McGarrell, who under pressure resigned from the Board of the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) following anti – gay commentary on the radio program ‘Hard Talk’ on 90.1 Love FM last week.

Bishop Edghill in endorsing the statements of McGarrell, which calls for all gays to live on an island by themselves, said “The gay agenda is an in your face agenda, that is what the religious community has stood against,” while speaking on Hard Talk today (Sunday, June 15), along with Pandit Rabindranath Persaud.

Edghill, who was most vocal during the program, maintained that homosexuality, from a Christian perspective, is against God and the standards set out in the scriptures of the Bible.

“He loves the sinner but hates sin.”

Pastor, Ronald McGarrell
Pastor, Ronald McGarrell

He said, “the sacred text says it incurs the wrath of God,” even as he pointed out that he has always been in the forefront of the fight to ensure same sex marriage does not become a reality, legally, in Guyana.

However, during the programme last week, Co –Chair of the Society Against Sexual Orientation (SASOD), Joel Simpson, had pointed out that the ‘Gay agenda’ was not to legalize gay unions but against the violent discrimination that local anti – buggery laws encourage and a possible repel of those laws to ensure the basic human rights is afforded to people of alternative sexual lifestyles.

To this end, Edghill asked, “Do we want people in our school system telling young boys and girls that its ok to have same sex, in our military barrack room two men having sex, at our border locations homosexuality… do we want at the police college two men having sex or do we want in the parks, when I take children for a walk two people of the same sex embracing each other?”

He believes the fight for gay rights is “being clouded in the matter of human rights.”

Meanwhile, Pandit Persaud said Hinduism is all accommodating and embracing religion and speaks about homosexuals to be people who are born abnormally.

This view was out rightly rejected by the Minister, who claimed that homosexuality was a learnt behavior and advanced an argument that persons who are engaged in the practice can be rehabilitated, a view that was previously junked by Simpson.

He said it would be ok if homosexuals carry out their “unwholesome and unhealthy practice” in a room away from the public, but noted that the agenda of homosexuals is an open agenda, which calls for a man to present himself as a woman and solicit clients for sex at the corner of the street.

“It is not just about removing buggery laws… it is about the right to marry, adopt children… it is an attack on the family, to discolor, disfigure rearrange the order of god… I will not apologize for believing in what the scripture says,” Edghill said.

He went on to qualify his statement by adding that it is a documented fact that homosexuals are the most promiscuous people in society hence the spread of sexually transmitted diseases are greater and the tendency for violence is greater.

The Bishop pointed out that his religious views are not intended to promote violence against the minority community as articulated by a few, adding that the gay community is afraid of education which contradicts their lifestyle. He rebuked Homosexuals from imposing what he said was a deviant and unacceptable lifestyles on others and warned that if the issue is ever raised in Parliament he will speak with a clear conscience against it.

Meanwhile, Pandit Persaud was adamant that the interpretation of the scriptures should not be diluted to accommodate, as he pointed to a scripture in the Bhagavad Gita that says “Shed your unmanliness.”

He said “everybody is trying to create an empire to satisfy their selfish gains and if they have to compromise the family and what it stands for they will do that.”

On a personal note however he said, “If God is willing but incapable of getting rid of the evils in this world then he is impotent, but if he is able and unwilling then he is malevolent.”




  1. maybe your all powerful god who ya’ll claim created everyone and everything should not have created homosexuals in the first place! just like how he/she/it has not created a half man half dog!!! yet another reason to stay away from your god-forsaken cesspool!

  2. My vote is with the bishop. I would like to remind the human activists that not only those diviants from the norms have human rights. Citizens have a human right to decide what is healthy or unhealthy to their community, accepting or rejecting such. Laws should not be made that impair this basic human right. Parents arefinding it imposible to decide what enviroment in which to raise their children because laws exist to prevent such decisions. Enviroment they deem as unhealthy are thus forced upon them because oor these existing laws

  3. For a more informed and evolved view on this subject see http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-shore/the-best-case-for-the-bible-not-condemning-homosexuality_b_1396345.html

    ANY TRUE CHRISTIAN UNDERSTANDS THAT THE OVERRIDING MESSAGE OF THE BIBLE AND GOD’S SUPREME COMMANDMENT IS “TO LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS YOU WOULD LOVE YOURSELF” … The above article provides all the arguments and the most valid interpretation of the Bible that totally NEGATES the archaic, inhuman, and most ungodly views of “Pastor” McGarrell and “Bishop” Edghill ! I feel sorry for the Guyanese community in Guyana that are subjected to the hate and prejudice that comes from ignorant bigots such as these … may God forgive them … I am blessed to be living in an evolved society, which embraces gay marriage and has elected the first openly gay woman as premier.

  4. I agree with pastor, somebody needed to come out and say god laws are better than man. And if god its a sin then its a sin. Thank you

  5. FIRST let me commend mr edghill for his stance i really never agree with him but he is on the button now this scourge should not be allowed to permeate our society one large sect of hinduism condems homosexuality saying that it makes a man /woman less and their are a shame to their family hinduism believe that a son / daughter is to get married and reproduce so let me ask pandit can these people reproduce as your scriptures clearly states. LET US HAVE A NATIONAL DEBATE ON THIS SUBJECT AND YOU MR SIMPSON LETS MEET ON NATIONAL TV AND DISCUSS TEAM ME YOU BISHOP EDGHILL PASTOR MCGARRELL AND TWO OF YOUR CHOICE.


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