Robert Badal appointed GPL Chairman

Robert Badal

The Government has named owner of the Pegasus Hotel, Robert Badal, as the new Chairman of the newly installed Board of Directors (BoD) for the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Inc.

Robert Badal
Robert Badal

The announcement was made today by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

Badal, who publicly endorsed and campaigned for the APNU/AFC during the run-up to the May 2015 elections, has been a vocal critic of the PPP/C.

Badal is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Stockfeeds Company on the East Bank of Demerara.

Inews understands that this new Board to be chaired by Badal will be investigating recent reports implicating GPL Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Colin Welch in an over US$4 million contract for the pre-paid meters scandal.

As such, Welch’s fate will lie in the hands of the Board members after the probe is completed.



  1. What nonsense so a man is appointed a position because he campaigned for APNU . Can you please state his qualifications? What about the qualified persons and ones wih experience who could have been appointed? Well that seems history. It’s all about who endorse APNU regime.
    If this was done by the PPP it would have been a different story.
    I am sick and tired of that government. No brains just messing up the country further. It’s going to come a time when their own supporters will say enough is enough. It’s a different generation and times have changed. It’s only time with that lot.

  2. Oh another soup drinker. Where are those pro CRAPNU supporters. If this was a PPP/C appointment the roof would have caved in. Is this man qualified for this position????? During the election campaign he painted the entire country green & yellow so of course CRAPNU will place him in a position.

  3. Guyana is now a safe heaven for APNU supporters. We can’t believe how this government is working. This man has no qualification for this post and every responsible citizens of Guyana should protest against this move.

  4. Robert Badal appointed GPL Chairman
    One of the main money man for AFC..
    Up next for big post will be Glen Lall..(rumoured) to be the other main money man for AFC.

  5. Badal falling into a trap. He has been set up.Why didn’t David Patterson investigate Welch? When Badal investigate Welch people who don’t know will see it as racial. What a pity. Time will tell.
    Anyway, Badal do you know any thing about the Feds?

  6. Can someone explain what SKILLS MR Badal has to be in this position? These Guys are money greed -they more they get the more they want! We do not want the rich to become more rich in the looting of Guyana….What we want to see is a chain cycle for people who are promoted….we want to see young graduates with skills filling the lower post and allow themselves to work their way up to CEO level of companies….MR. badal has ZERO management skills, ZERO team leader skills….so Hermon just promoted him because he endorse the PNC regime…NICE! This is exactly what the Guyanese people need….Dictators….ego fill jacko


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