Robbery suspect fatally shot during police chase at Annandale

Dead: Joseph Fiffee

A 23-year-old robbery suspect was this morning shot and killed by ranks of the Guyana Police Force during a chase at Annandale on the East Coast of Demerara.

Dead is Joseph Fiffee of Buxton, East Coast Demerara. He was fatally shot at about 08:45h this morning by Anti-Crime Patrol Ranks from Regional Police Division #4 C (East Coast Demerara).

Police say Fiffee was allegedly involved in a spate of robberies between Annandale and Non Pareil, ECD.

According to the GPF, between October 21 and November 3, 2023, Fiffee and another male were involved in seven robberies between Annandale and Non-Pareil. During the spate of robberies, Fiffee would have wounded most of the victims, one of whom is presently hospitalised.

The firearm and ammunition found at the scene

Fiffee was previously charged on April 23 of this year with Robbery Under Arms, and he was released from prison on August 30, 2023.

This morning, an unknown caller contacted Vigilance Police Station and reported that Fiffee was seen riding a bicycle at Annandale. As a result, the ranks responded in a Force Motor Vehicle, and as they approached Annandale Cross Street, the robbery suspect was seen riding a red bicycle with a cutlass between the bar.

On seeing the Police vehicle, he began to ride faster and turn into a street that runs North to South.

“The ranks gave chase, and he pulled out what appeared to be a handgun, and two loud explosions were heard. The ranks took cover, and one rank discharged a round in Fiffee’s direction, who by this time had dropped his bicycle and jumped a fence, where he collapsed. He was picked up, and upon examination of his body, what appeared to be a wound was seen on his lower back,” the police report detailed.

The injured Fiffee was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was seen and examined by the Doctor on duty, who later pronounced him dead at 09:44h this morning.

Meanwhile, the scene was processed, and two .25 spent shells, along with a .25 Pistol (without serial number) and a magazine containing three rounds, were found in a drain next to the fence where Fiffee had jumped.

The firearm, spent shells and ammunition were lodged. Investigations continue.