New Amsterdam businesswoman bound, robbed by masked bandits

Barbara Singh was robbed and bounded at her New Amsterdam home by two masked bandits

A female bar owner was in the wee hours of today tied up and robbed by two armed masked bandits at her New Amsterdam, Berbice home.

Barbara Singh, a 63-year-old businesswoman of Lot 4 Smyth Field, New Amsterdam in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne), lives alone and operates a bar on the bottom flat of her two-storey house.

The bandits managed to escape with approximately $500,000 cash, a quantity of Gold jewellery and one Samsung A52 cell phone.

The incident occurred sometime between 01:30h and 03:30h today after the bandits scaled the fence to enter the yard and used a crow bar to break into the house.

According to Singh, she was awakened by noises and barking dogs. She called on the security guard at the house but he was asleep. She eventually got him up and after making some checks around the property, he assured her that everything was fine.

The businesswoman related that she then returned to bed and heard a loud noise in the house before two men, both masked and armed – one with a long gun and another with a short gun, appeared at her bedroom door.

She started to scream to alert the guard and the neighbours but the men pounced on her and placed a pillow over her face. They then bound her hands and feet after which they ransacked the room, demanding cash and jewellery from the businesswoman.

After getting their hands on the loot, the men made their way downstairs and into the bar where they started drinking beers.

During this time, Singh managed to free her and came downstairs at which point, the two bandits ran away