“Retrograde and intolerable” – GPA concerned about Gov’t stance on State media

Derwayne Wills and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo in conversation
Derwayne Wills and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo in conversation
Derwayne Wills and Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo in conversation

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Press Association (GPA) has noted with concern the issues relating to the State media and Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo asserting that it should favour the government’s view.

The Press Association, in a statement on Tuesday, September 01, made it clear that the stance adopted by the government does not augur well for Guyana and the development of the media.

Nagamootoo in discussion with a Guyana Chronicle Journalist, Derwayne Wills had explained that he was “very very very disappointed” with the headline chosen for an article relating to the 2015 Budget debates in the National Assembly.

The article was written by Wills and published in the August 25, 2015 edition of the Guyana Chronicle.

“The GPA regards the Prime Minister’s stated pro-government expectations of the publicly-funded Guyana Chronicle newspaper (and presumably all State-owned media) as a retrograde and intolerable step that betrays the governing Coalition’s campaign and post-election promises not to engage in the same press freedom violations previous administrations were accused of,” the statement noted.

It was also stated that there needs to be a clear distinction between the State and the Government.

“The GPA wishes to suggest that there should be, following extensive consultations, a policy which adumbrates the way the executive should interact with state-owned media that would allow for freedom of the press to be exercised in a meaningful way within these entities.”

The Association is also pushing for a reform of the Broadcasting Act and the adoption of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s editorial guidelines that govern that United Kingdom State-owned and funded broadcaster.

The Body is also urging that journalists never be swayed by opinion, good or bad on their news pieces as long as the information is factual.

“Questions from political leaders regarding your work should be directed to your editors,” the statement noted.



  1. Dunce! What is poetry without critics? The government should analyze criticism to make thing better for Guyanese. What now? would the gov. fired those media personnel under false pretense because they don’t support their (gov.) view? This is classical traits of a dictator; first they want to control the media, then …

  2. Well said DK. These stooges will be kicked to the curb sooner than later. They are 3 idiots used by the PNC to gain power and control over Guyana.

  3. You could not have say it better. The PNC know how arrogant Moses is. .speak first. .think later. They will use his arrogance for their benefit.I pity those three. What fools. 3 stooges.

  4. Nagamootoo thought aloud a point he should have kept to himself and execute quietly.
    Of course, the state media should present the government in a positive light, but even if the media don’t it in ONE solitary story or, in this case, about the government’s blunder (and the government did blunder), that is no reason for Nagamootoo’s reported public utterances that smacked of coercing the state media to play nice or right.
    At the end of the day, this entire story deserves to be closed with no more comments from Nagamootoo on the matter.

  5. I cannot understand that mr. Roopnarine is the minister of education and the president have a advisor on education, mr. Vincent alexander. These guys have office with no power.

  6. The PNC big wigs are using Nagamoottoo, Ramjattan and Roopnarine to th gill for the fools and dunces they are. It was Roppnarine that broke the news to the poor parents of school kids that no more 10,000 for each school child. No one balked. It was Ramjattan that placed curfew on the nigh club entertainment business at 2 am and no one balked. Now it the new media minister Nagamoottoo finding himself in hot water by trying to silence press freedom. These 3 men do not clue in as yet that they are being used as PNC stooges. They are told to throw this that the other out to John public and see what sticks. Everyone knows PNC have no time for independent free press so they using Naga to see the reaction. Pity poor Naga will do just about anything for that little power he get to watchman the media while his boss Harmon watch over him.


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