Replacing Finance Minister as NICIL Chairman will ensure transparency – Harmon

Finance Minister, Winston Jordan. [iNews' Photo]
Finance Minister, Winston Jordan
Finance Minister, Winston Jordan

[] – The move to have Dr. Maurice Odle as Chairman of NICIL was done in the best interest of transparency, according to Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

The government had initially named Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan as the Chairman of NICIL, but he was removed after refusing the position.

“The Finance Minister requested to be removed because he felt that he could not be exercising ministerial supervisory control over entities, and still be sitting on a board that was expected to be independent and give advice,” Minister Harmon said at a recent post cabinet press briefing.

The Minister explained that the new approach taken by government will see a review of the existing system, and the implementation of recommendations that are aimed at making the activities of government more transparent.

“We have become more open. These are the things that the Guyanese public in the past might not have heard about. We are making it known to everyone that this is what we’re doing. We are happy for the criticisms and the recommendations, we accept them in good faith,” the Minister of State said.



  1. The reason he did not take up the position is because of the pressure from the Private Sector and the Opposition. It shows again the non consulting nature of the PNC in power. Jordan has already risen beyond his level of incompetence. Watch for him to be even worse than Greenidge as Finance Minister, He is a master at cut and paste and at using other people research as if he did it. I don’t know Mr Odle but good luck to him taking orders from the prior to now “always broke Harmon”

  2. Alex,you are so right, you don’t to be qualify these days to get a job, a certificate of friendship or apnu/afc membership card is all you need.
    Harbal dacta getting to finance job…. he wants people to drink their own peepee….lol …These hard head we have to deal with…

  3. Some people may regain their sight if they make an effort to have the necessities done,but there are those who will never see again,will continue to be blind forever.For the short time this NEW government has been in office,it has done more than the former government has done in 23 years,an A Plus.

  4. Good question .if it was a multiply choice the wouldn’t be able to pick one lol. What the done right is set them selves and friends and families in high end jobs and position


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