“Moses is a disgrace” – Prime Minister greeted by protesters at Whim meeting


Some of the protesters. [iNews' Photo]
Some of the protesters. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Approximately 30 persons protested outside the Whim Community Centre, Corentyne on Saturday, September 05, 2015 where Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo addressed a meeting.

Armed with their placards, the protesters shouted “Moses is a disgrace,” “Whim rejects Moses,” among other slogans. The protesters took issue with several decisions taken by the APNU+AFC government, including the dismissal of five Regional ‎Executive Officers, with the most recent being Paul Ramrattan, whose position is now filled by AFC member, Dr Veerasammy Ramayya.

“How can you take out a professional, a man like Paul Ramrattan, a man who is a professional accountant and you’re putting a herbal doctor to do his work? This is a disgrace to the government! A slap to the face,” one protester said.

Others believe that the new government is filling the pockets of their friends.protesters 2

“They said they were going to provide job for the youths. Today, they’re on the opposite side. They are a disgrace to the government. They’re taking off the young professionals from their offices and put in pensioners. It simply means that they’re putting their own boys to full their pockets.”

Other protesters lamented the removal of pensioners’ subsidy for water and electricity along with the $10,000 school voucher for parents. The protesters also criticized the Prime Minister for attempting to control the State media.



  1. Why are you such a hater?. I see your comments for the most part are negative . I get it you are not for the Granger administration. You are very short sighted. You love the word disgrace. May I remind you yet again the disgraceful people are out of the government, well not all however most of them , and for that some Guyanese are greatful, anni too bad you are living in Guyana and will be enjoying the benefits from the prosperity. I would like to see you eat CROW when that happens.

  2. Them can not like Moses because he na corrupted.The APNU /AFC will weed out all them thieving and liers low life and foolish racist, corruption is a way of life and culture for some like themda. and guyana is not place for themda

  3. I believe that in a country, for people of the major races,there should be a somewhat proportionate representation at the governmental level .People are starting to feel uneasy with the general firing of one ethnic class and replacement mostly by another. True, many deserves to be fired, but it’s starting to look some sort of cleansing programme .We don’t need this for motivation and progress !!

  4. CleveM it appears that you got confidence in this Prime Minister (congrats) however most Guyanese don’t. This is a pompous, arrogant man that is out to gain power for himself.

    He jumped ship from the PPP/C to AFC since he was not favour to become President. Along with RUMJAAT they were NOT going to coaliate with APNU however we all know what happened after that.

    Why would anyone trust this idiot. Perhaps you would CleveM but not us.

  5. Naga and ramjattan are the decent ones who oppose the teefing lying tapeworm parasites who make up the PPP… Y’all go an worship on the alter of corruption and nastiness, everyone else see u for what u are…

  6. Nagamotoo is a disgrace.And the bush doctor a wast of time.No one wants to listen to him on television.That ,s the biggest mistake our people made on may 11.We live to regret our decision but we shall certainly not repeat this action come shortly.

  7. Mose is there to see his boys pocket full and don’t care a about any Guyanese who suffer, he will start using racial slurs against protester because if he can use it in parliament he can use it anywhere

  8. Send home Paul proves that this government is all about race and politics, they don’t have the people at heart. Ramaya claims he spent millions of dollars on campaign and refuse the previous offer to work with Naga ( the big snake), so they create this job by sending home an innocent man who has to feed his wife and kids. Ramaya. was given this position to make back his money, he does not have a child nor a wife but the government need to finance him so he can pay young girls to have sex. this government is not proving jobs for young educated people but fattening their own old people.

  9. The PPPC could get 30 people to picket? Things must really be tight. It will be in the people best interest to embrase and cooperate with the Prime Minister who I think is sincere, willing and has the ability to improve the conditions of people.


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