REOs get salary increase


Salary[] – Regional Executive Officers (REOs) serving throughout Guyana’s ten administrative Regions are scheduled to collect a salary increase.

This is according to Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo who revealed that with the increase, the REOs will now be earning just about $600,000 per month.

This figure would include any benefits usually extended to REOs. It was revealed that at present, REOs earn just over $292,000.

With the increase, the Officers will now receive a duty allowance of $70,000 – which is not taxable. Additional changes include a three-year contract instead of two years while all other benefits are standardized to public service.



  1. Guyanese are slowly loosing the battle of a greener pastures to a bunch of despicable people who clearly indicates to the nation and spectators around the world “we don’t care.”. Who have to suffer let them suffer .They have to gather enough wealth to sustain themselves after the five years money spree is over.I am not surprised by the fact that every one simply shares their frustration with each other but theirs no big representation on their behalf.

  2. And the splurge continues.
    In terms of the diaspora and especially the ones who rallied around this Colation for example Dr. Jadupath in New York I would like to hear from them today. Love and Unity blared from boom boxes at these rallies in New York however Granger and his team dominated this Colation and fired mainly Indo-Guyanese simply because of political affiliations. Is this Unity.

  3. And the splurge continues.
    It would be good to hear some comments from members of the diaspora in the USA and Canada.
    We have to protest this as much as we can.

  4. Yea thats just great. Lets double their salaries, nothing wrong with that… Thats a hell of a salary increase. While everyone else gets a measely 5%. And not everyone is getting the $5000 increase, most are getting just the 5%.


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