Remote-controlled Drone buzzes GDF helicopter…Army cautions public


In what could have been an otherwise tragic occurrence, a Guyana Defence Force helicopter, GDF 1, landed safely without incident at Camp Ayanganna, after it was “buzzed” by what appeared to be a remote-controlled ‘Drone’ recently.

droneAt the time of the incident, the helicopter was making its final approach to Camp Ayanganna, overhead Thomas Lands, in the vicinity of Queens College and the National Park. It was reported by the Pilot that the Drone flew dangerously close to helicopter and also attempted to follow the aircraft.

In a media release, the Guyana Defence Force said it has noted with concern the frequency of Drones being flown in Georgetown, as well as other parts of the country, and would like to reiterate that these devices can cause serious if not fatal accidents especially when they are being operated in the airspace allocated to low flying aircraft. Further, it is recommended that the public refrain from operating these devices in and around Base Camp Ayanganna and all other Military Bases.




  1. Private Drone Fliers In Georgetown:

    It is now very common in several countries to see ordinary citizens indulge in this pastime. However, even though it is considered a sport and reasonably harmless. Special precautions must be legislated for, for national security reasons.

    Drones can cause serious accidents, resulting in deaths too. They can also be used for clandestine reasons, which can be construed as a national security risk.

    However, every state has to decide who is allowed to fly them, where ther are permitted to be flown, and if any special license must be obtained by the fliers of drones.

    DERRYCK S. Griffith.

  2. aviation laws and penalties governing Drone use have to be passed, or serious damage to aircraft, people and property, will occur. Canada had to implement such laws and penalties recently, so we can adapt those laws to Guyana.


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