Skeldon Estate workers to protest over low pay


The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) is of the view that Skeldon Estate cane cutters who are assigned to undertake tasks in weeding grass and bushes within the cane fields are being over-tasked and underpaid in this current out-of-crop period.

sugarWorkers of the Estate who are peeved over the situation have decided to engage in protest action outside of the Administrative Office of Skeldon Estate pressing for the restoration of the status quo in the settlement of price-disputes.

According to GAWU, some of the workers are not taking up work while others who are confronted by dire economic straits are forced to work. Many of them daily earning levels are reaching only $1,060, $1,328, $1,780 and so on. GAWU said that these workers ought to earn not less than $2,666 per day according to their earning level set by the Collective Labour Agreement.

“Price ceilings are imposed by the Estate notwithstanding that the prices are negotiable taking into account the hours required for a day’s work, the established price set out in the Collective Labour Agreement, and the nature of the tasks”, a statement from GAWU today said.

The Estate Management having set out its price, unlike in the past, is holding steadfast to it in spite of clear, logical and convincing arguments by the workers’ representatives and the Union’s Field Officer toward the resolution of the dispute.

According to GAWU, inadequate earnings are affecting workers whose children especially depend so much on their earnings.

“The present spate of price disputes is affecting workers at three (3) areas of the cultivation. Skeldon Estate seems not to be bothered in settling the disputes. This time, the Corporation is merely satisfying its obligation to provide the mandatory out-of-crop work and this explains the reason for the under-pricing and over-tasking and the take-it or leave-it attitude”, the statement noted.

GAWU has offered its input to address the dispute through an inspection of the disputed fields by an official from the Union’s Central Office along with the input of someone from the Industrial Relations Department of GuySuCo. However, Inews understandS that the Corporation  might not be able to undertake the exercise before Thursday – January 21, 2016.

The plan by Skeldon Estate workers to protest comes in wake of Wales sugar workers also taking to the picket line to protest Government’s plan to close the estate, which will result in hundreds of persons being on the breadline.




  1. hmmmmm, lets see. taxes that could have gone to health care and roads will now have to be diverted to sugar.


  2. Skeldon workers and not being paid but the PNC government is taking loans from all the ABC countries to boost their salaries! What a joke…Guyana is slowing move back to the 70s/80s where the pubic has seen no differences between Granger/Hermon to Burhnam/Hammy Green! What a joke of a government. Trotman is signing out all Guyana natural resources to the ABC countries and Chinese…Instead of giving the deals to his OWN Guyanese living in Guyana to generate revenue, create jobs and boost the economy.Yet these fools come on the news and fool the public that they are looking to create jobs and boost economy! How?

  3. These are some of the actions are that have been responsible for the propose closure of Wales and the current situation Guysuco finds itself in. It is always the Union way of placing monies in the workers pockets an neglect the maintenance of the industry. The Union is the sole party for the dire situation the company is currently. Bottom house business mentality by GAWU. Is the nation to believe that with the experience of the staff who are unionize that they dont know to price work.

    Sugar will have a poor run under the APNUAFC with the joint action of GAWU and PPPC. They are back to their old ways pull the nose strings of the poor sugar workers. Workers will have to decide which road they will travel, survival or destruction

  4. Skeldon Estate workers to protest over low pay
    Demand same pay and perks as Nagamook getting then yall could say yall doing the right thing.
    If not demand Nagamook – Rumjhaatmook and Ropenarinemook must go.


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