Relatives seek justice for Agricola accident victim


Relatives of the Agricola man who was struck down just two weeks ago are seeking justice as the perpetrator continues to roam allegedly scotch free.

Rudival Azore
Rudival Azore

While Rudival Azore, 63, of 37 Evans Phillips Park, Agricola, Greater Georgetown, remains a patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the St Joseph Mercy Hospital in a critical state, charges were not laid against the alleged unlicensed driver.

Azore was struck two Saturdays ago at the corner of Brutus Street Agricola, while riding to work. It was alleged the driver had reversed out of a yard and was in the process of parking when she collided with the elderly man. He was subsequently rushed to hospital by public spirited citizens in an unconscious state.

Investigations revealed both of the manโ€™s feet are broken, his left side pelvic bone is disjointed and he sustained other severe internal injuries and bleeding.

Relatives stated that although the matter was reported, accompanied by frequent visits to the Police station, the relevant authorities have not divulged any information in relation to this accident.





  1. Relatives seek justice for Agricola accident victim.
    If this relative dont get justice will Guyanese be witness to another Agricola public road atrocity?


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